Electronic Payments

Direct Deposit/Pay Card

Electronic payments (Direct Deposit or Pay Card) are:

  1. With Direct Deposit or Pay Cards, your money is in your bank account on payday! Whether you're on vacation, sick or out of town, your pay will automatically be deposited and available for your use.
  2. Electronic payments are the safest, most confidential way to get your money into your checking or savings account. No more worrying about lost, stolen or damaged paychecks, and there's no need to make special trips to the back or credit union to deposit your checks. Why wait in line on payday?
  3. With Direct Deposit or Pay Cards, you still receive a Pay Stub from Ferris State University and a monthly statement from your financial institution to let you know your account has been credited.
  4. Pay Cards are ideal for employees who don't have a bank account OR want a separate account to help with budgeting.

DOWNLOAD and print: Pay Card Program Overview

DOWNLOAD and print: Payment Authorization Form