University Curriculum Committee

Academic Senate

UCC PowerPoint Presentation - Workshop 2015-2016 (Revised 8/28/2015)

UCC Manual (Updated 10/30/2015) pdf

UCC Flowchart (Updated Jan. 2015)


UCC Forms (All Word documents) 

Form A - (Effective Fall 2015) Proposal Summary and Routing Form  

Form B - (Effective Fall 2015) Curriculum Consultation Form

Form B - UGPC - (Effective Fall 2015) Consultation Form

Form C - (Effective Fall 2015) FLITE Services Form 

Form D - Checksheets

Form E - (Effective Fall 2015) Course Information Form 

Form F-C - (Effective Fall 2015) Create New Course 

Form F-M - (Effective Fall 2015) Modify a Course 

Form F-D - (Effective Fall 2015) Delete a Course

Form FIN - (Effective Fall 2015) Financial Aid Consultation Form

Form G - (Effective Fall 2015) General Education Approval Form

Form H - (Effective Fall 2015) Honors Course Designation Form 

Form PCAF - (Effective Fall 2015) Preliminary Curriculum Approval Form

UCC Fast Track Form (Effective Fall 2016) To be used for the following changes ONLY: Pre-requisite Change, Co-Requisite Change, Term Offered Change, Course Cap Change or Admission GPA Change


Last updated: 09-01-2016