Consent Form Templates

Please use the following templates to prepare your Informed Consent Form for your research project. Consent forms must contain all the elements of consent (unless a waiver of consent is requested; see below and/or Consent Form Instructions).

In cases where children/minors are involved in research, assent must be offered in addition to the legal consent from a parent and/or guardian. Include an assent line for child/minor signature and allow children capable to offer their assent to participate in research. Assent applies for ALL type of research projects that involve minors (biomedical, social behavioral, etc.).

General Consent Form Template
A basic template of an Informed Consent Form containing all the required elements of consent.

BioMedical Consent Form Template
Biomedical research studies include basic, and/or translational research that aims to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of medicine and are split into two categories:

  1. Clinical Trails, which evaluate new treatments for safety and efficacy.
  2. Preclinical Research, which elaborates on current knowledge to develop new strategies.

Examples of Biomedical Research:

  • A pharmacy student gives subjects a prescription medication to the measure the effects of an increased dosage.
  • An optometry student places eye drops into the eyes of subjects to look for damage on the cornea.

Social Behavioral Consent Form Template
Social behavioral research focuses on human beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are influenced by various social, biological, and/or environmental factors.

Examples of Social Behavioral Research:

  • A nursing student surveys subjects on how comfortable one feels in different waiting room environments.
  • An education student measures how much students learn with a new teaching style.
  • A biology student measures how strength training affects short-term memory.

Consent Waivers

There are two types of waivers of consent:

  • Waiver of consent documentation, in which the researcher requests to waive (not collect) the signature of participants.
  • Waiver of consent elements, in which the researcher requests to waive/alter certain elements of the consent form (requests to leave specific information out of the consent form). This is typically used for deception research and the requirements to meet these standards are high.
  • Remember, assent must be offered when children are involved.

Consent Waiver Template: Interview

Consent Waiver Template: Survey

Consent Waiver Template: Online Survey