Student Research Fellowship (SRF)
program information
Gilbert gving her final SRF presentation Aug 2012

The Student Research Fellowship is intended to promote collaborative research projects between faculty and students at Ferris State University in the summer months.

The program provides a focused and intensive research experience for the student by supporting 10 weeks of full time work.


CLICK HERE for the SUMMER 2014 application - Due Friday March 7. 


2014 SRF Symposium - Tentative date...Wednesday August 20, 2-4PM in SCI 126/120

CLICK HERE to see last summer's projects.

For the student:

  • Stipend of $3500 for full time work over a ten week period.
  • The opportunity to explore a research question in depth.
  • The opportunity to work closely with a faculty member.
  • Experience preparing and giving a presentation to the University community.


 For the Faculty member:

  • Access to an initial $1000 supply budget to spend on consumables, equipment or travel to support the project.


  • An additional $500 of PDI funds to encourage travel to a meeting or continuation of the project after the report is submitted 


  • $1000 stipend for their participation in the project for each student they supervise (funded by your college)


Past Summer Research Fellows





 You tube videos:

Dr. James Hoerter and student researchers 2013

Dr. Paul Long and SRF fellows 2012