There is a great deal of gray area in the space between gifts and grants.  The following table is meant to help you identify where your project or proposal fits.

Grant  Gift 
How are the funds typically requested?
  • Usually a formal application process that is open to other public education institutions
  • Specific agreement between Ferris and the funder
What is the goal of the funder?
  • Goal is often to add knowledge base in a discipline, or increase access/opportunities for others to access existing knowledge in the discipline.
  • Goal is often to help the institution, or a subset within (a specific group of students, a specific program, etc.)
Who is the funder?
  • Most often from an agency within the federal or state government, but could also be from a foundation (private or corporate)
  • Could be from a private or corporate foundation, or individual donor
What is expected by the funder in return for giving the funds?
  • Often incorporate formal assessment and evaluative process (is the project working as the PI said it would…)
  • Often require plan for dissemination of results.
  • Often require formal reporting process.
  • Public recognition, as deemed appropriate by the donor and the University, and on-going stewardship.
Examples of projects funded
  • Develop/expand an educational program (for internal or external audiences)
  • Conduct a research project
  • Run a cultural event
  • Renovate, enhance, or build facilities (very limited)
  • Annual or endowed scholarship
  • Endowments for program support
  • Endowed Chairs, Professorships
  • Naming Opportunities (Rooms/Programs/Buildings)
  • Renovate, enhance, or build facilities
  • In-kind Gifts (program equipment)
  • Sponsorships
Who should you contact for help?
Erin Scott, Grant & Contract Officer
PHR 312A
(231) 591-2547
Karen Weber, Senior Advancement Officer, Corporate & Foundation Relations 
PRK 101D
(231) 591-2895