Upcoming Research Events

Faculty Research Fellowship presentations.

Our first group of Faculty Research Fellows completed the 2013 Fellowship in December of 2013. Please join us to hear short presentations (15-20 minutes each) on what they worked on last year.  

 When:   Friday April 25, 2014 , 3:00PM - 4:30PM

Where:  SCI 120 


2013 (from Jan 2013- Dec 2013)

Dr. Dan Adsmond
Professor of Chemistry
Project: Determination and analysis of crystal packing in cocrystals incorporating the antibacterial drug, sulfamethazine, and a carboxylic acid 

Dr. Rachel Foulk

Assistant Professor of Art History
Project: A Walk Through the Seasons: The Esquiline Landscape Calendar and the Representation of Time in Imperial Rome 

Dr. Randy Groves

Professor of Philosophy
Project: Comparative Civilization and World History: A Theory of Cultural Change. 

Dr. Bakhodirzhon Siddikov

Professor of Mathematics
Project: Magnetic Refrigeration: Improved Approximation Function for the Heat Capacity of Gadolinium



Research Equipment Survey:

We would like to gather information on equipment currently found in Ferris research laboratories, the potential for shared use, and ideas on NEW equipment you would like to acquire in the future (for shared use).  Although all information is valuable, please focus your attention on higher priced individual items (several thousand dollars+ ) or a suite of items that may be used for a defined purpose (tissue culture equipment).

Please repeat this form for EVERY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT you have or WANT. It is a short form!

 Please CLICK HERE for the Submission form