Creating Effective Library Assignments

Work with the librarian assigned to your area to create clear library assignments!


  • Call the Reference Desk, 231-591-3602 

How we can help

    • Contact us before your class begins their research 
    • Send a copy of the assignment to your librarian  
    • Discuss the assignment with us 
    • Tell us how many students are in the class 
    • Describe what you want your students to learn 
      • Learn their way around the building? 
      • Find print materials within FLITE? 
      • Use general databases? 
      • Narrow to specific subject areas?  
    • Define the level of help needed  
      • Do students need to find the information themselves?  
      • Can they ask for help right from the start? 

    Ask for a Library Instruction session. We’re glad to assist you! 

    • Check your resources every semester! Can your students find the materials at all?   
      • Online library resources databases change all the time. 
      • Print resources and physical materials disappear too.   
      • Your librarian can check for them if you have no time. 
    • Place print material the whole class must use on Course Reserve at the Checkout Desk. 
    • Design the assignment so students can use similar, but not the same items.
    • Assume students come to Ferris with little previous library experience. 
    • Follow FLITE library instruction with our step-by-step research process. 
      • FSUS 
        • An introduction to the FLITE building  
        • A glimpse of the library webpage 
        • A beginning search for research 
      • First year courses 
        • Beginning research with SmartSearch (hyperlink to the Using SmartSearch page), the library discovery service 
      • Upper level instruction  
        • Specialization in the subject databases 
    • Match the assignment to the educational level of the student. 
    • Help students pace the assignment – provide deadlines for different stages of the work.  
    • Avoid procrastination and the last-minute panic. 
    • List specific FLITE resources to kick-start research.  

    Contact your librarian if you need help!

    • Discuss citations with your students early in the semester. 
    • Specific clearly which citation style you want. 
    • Point students to FLITE Citation Guides for APA, MLA, or Chicago styles. 

    Come visit FLITE and learn more!