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Library Instruction Requests

Use the information below to book an instruction session conducted by a librarian. To reserve a room, go to Room Reservations.

Questions about Library Instruction?

  • Available for almost all courses
  • Specialized for subject/course/research needs

What do we need to know?

  • Choose a time frame
    • Short-term: From 15 minutes to a single class session
    • Long-term: Multiple class sessions throughout the semester
  • Select a location
    • In FLITE
    • In your Big Rapids classroom
    • Off-campus at other FSU locations, may be in-person or as a webinar (dependent on the subject area)
  • Tell us how much time students need to work in class afterwards

How to Schedule

  • Request 14 days in advance (dependent on librarian availability)
  • Specify location (if in FLITE, dependent on instruction studio availability)
  • Attend with your class (shows your students this is important for success)
  • Contact your librarian if you need to cancel or will be late

Librarians will...

  • Schedule the instruction studio at FLITE
  • Work with you to provide customized instruction

Librarians can (dependent on course)...

  • Customize a single instruction session
  • Provide timely instruction in multiple point-of-need visits
  • Create a course-specific class help guide
  • Embed materials into an online course
  • Offer instruction by webinar or in person off-campus
  • Provide information literacy pre- and post-testing
  • Assist with citations

Contact your subject-specific librarian to schedule a library instruction session. For other subjects, please contact Mari Kermit-Canfield.