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Library Mission, Vision, Core Values


FLITE is an essential partner for successful teaching, learning, and research. We empower all at Ferris State University and in our surrounding community to discover, evaluate, and apply information, and create and disseminate knowledge.


As an essential partner for successful learning, teaching and research at Ferris State University, FLITE will:

  • become integral to every Ferris student's educational experience;
  • become recognized as a partner to all Ferris faculty;
  • keep each person's success at the center of what we do and how we do it;
  • intentionally use data, evidence, and knowledge to make decisions, assess, and adapt;
  • join with others to respond to global changes that affect higher education, libraries, and the people we serve;
  • cultivate a culture that includes and respects all ideas, needs, and perspectives;
  • actively pursue partnerships that promote Ferris and community success;
  • strive to balance physical and online collections and services;
  • and be a place where people learn from the past and discover the future.

Core Values

FLITE operates according to:


Through our collections, trusted online information, and engagement with other libraries, FLITE provides access to information and knowledge from diverse perspectives, increasingly available anywhere, anytime. We strive toward equal access for all at Ferris, and all others in our surrounding communities.


FLITE's librarians, staff, and information resources serve as the foundation on which our users create, share, and disseminate knowledge. We share data, evidence, and information to foster collective knowledge that helps our users succeed.


A key locus for learning outside the classroom at Ferris, FLITE supports individual and group learning and collaboration, face-to-face and online. We endeavor to stay current on information and knowledge service practice.


With a wealth of information to discover, FLITE is the place to start for conducting research in any discipline. Our librarians assist with research projects, from gathering support and ideas to disseminating and bringing attention to Ferris work.


Everything we do in FLITE is based on a guiding ethic to provide excellent service that enables our diverse communities to efficiently complete successful work. We maintain positive relationships with our users and partners.


FLITE is a teaching library, offering users the opportunity to learn to find, evaluate, and apply information in their work and lives. Our faculty librarians and staff partner with instructors to teach information literacy and research, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills.