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Library Instruction Workshops & Classes

Use the Library Instruction Request Form to book an instruction session conducted by a librarian. To reserve a room, go to Room Reservations.  

Available Workshops & Classes

A room of students studying at tables.

The 5-Step Lateral Reading Workshop

Based on Standford's Civic Online Reasoning Program

  • Librarian-led workshop
  • 30-50 minutes
  • This workshop teaches the process of Lateral Reading in order to guide students in an understanding of Civic Online Reasoning - the ability to effectively search for, evaluate, and verify social and political information online.
  • Pairs well with The Trust Issues Class

The New York Times logo

The New York Times  (NYT) Workshop

  • Librarian-led workshop
  • 50-90 minutes workshop
  • FLITE Library is starting a subscription to the New York Times platform and app
  • Students will learn to use the New York Times website and download the NYT app and The Athletic to their phones.
  • Librarians will work with instructors prior to class to build news and civic engagement-based assignments

Search and destroy game cards

The Search & Destroy Class

For transferrable database search skills.

  • Librarian-led workshop
  • Librarian-led post-game discussion
  • A multi-player card game that teaches database search skills
  • Skills:
    • Search string design
    • Keyword selection
    • Basic Boolean
    • Faceting
    • Peer review
    • "Friendly competition"

A handful of Trust Issues game cards


For practice in resource writing.

  • Students play a card game designed to illuminate issues of authority, context, intent, and expertise
  • Gameplay is approximately 30 minutes
  • Librarian can do a follow-up discussion for remaining class time, if requested
  • This class would pair well with the Lateral Reading Workshop

A student with a laptop studying in a library

The Traditional Research Assignment Workshop

  • Students come to class with a defined assignment and pre-selected topics
  • Librarian works with students to actively brainstorm keywords
  • Students search both SmartSearch and subject databases
  • Students leave the class with a large amount of research completed for their assignments

A person at a computer in a library with space for a ceiling

The A.I. Research Workshop

A contemporary spin on the Traditional Research Assignment Workshop.

  • Librarian-led class
  • 50-75 minutes
  • Students will consider when it is appropriate to use A.I. tools in their higher education research assignments
  • Students are guided through the use of A.I. in their research process, and a careful transition to traditional library resources

A dataless, generic pie graph, bar graph, and line graphs.

The Simmons Insights Class

For demographic information.

  • Librarian-led class
  • 50 minutes
  • This class will teach students to find demographics on a product or service
  • Helps students define a target market or a competitor's target market

A student at a computer desk in a long library hallway

Research and A.I. Design of Visual ReseaRch Assignments Workshop

For small, advanced groups.

  • Librarian-led workshop
  • Choice of one 75 minute class or two 50 minute classes
  • Research, A.I., and design components
  • Students will learn to use the following tools:
    • Discord
    • MidJourney
    • ChatGPT
    • Traditional Library Databases

An android teaching a class

Contemporary Copyright Workshop or Drop-In Information Session

  • Librarian-led workshop
  • Choice of a 50-75 minute class or a 20 minute drop-in session
  • Collaboration between the Copyright/Law Librarian and the Creative Learning Librarian
  • Covers:
    • Copyright law
    • Creative Commons (finding and creating materials)
    • A.I. Copyright law and its evolution