Saving Stereotypes

Hello I found the contents of the article not very surprising at all; and that Mr. Pilgrim is saddened that his museum is not fortunate enough to receive the articles. What's amazing is those who perpetuate so unconsciously their racism, insecurities and their inferiority, such as the English woman who wrote the story teaching hate to her little children with the same ease as reading Little Red Riding Hood (thank god for soccer moms). The Glee that is exhibited by Pilgrim and others should be viewed as disgraceful and shameful so what does that say about those individuals in the past by bestowing these conditions upon a group of people removed by terrorists through terrorism from their homeland in Africa Ala Iraq; and not having enough sense to be embarrassed and even attempt to hide their past. There's not much difference between those in the past and the Pilgrims of today no pun intended.

Detroit, Mich.
-- June 1, 2007