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Ferris Women's Network

Picture of the Teahen Award


The Ferris Women’s Network is a diverse group of people dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of women.

We encourage:

  • strong mutual support networks among members;
  • mentoring opportunities for women to share strengths, talents, and experiences;
  • fulfillment of our members’ leadership potential;
  • career and personal development; and
  • recognition of women’s achievements and of organizations and individuals that connect, support, and encourage women.


What we do...

  • Provide networking and professional development opportunities for women
  • Collaborate with Ferris student groups and offices to provide educational events for the campus and the community
  • Provide leadership opportunities for women
  • Recognize women's leadership and achievements at Ferris
  • Promote participation in other Michigan-based women's groups

How to get involved...

  • Become an active member by attending our meetings
  • Attend one of our campus advocacy events
  • Wear your "Advocate" pin to show your support
  • Volunteer to help with one of our events
  • Like our Facebook page