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Stepped Care

Stepped care step map

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The Personal Counseling Center is committed to providing mental health services to our student population in the most effective and results-driven way.  We believe that care should not be a “one size fits all” approach.  We have adopted a more personalized model that works with each individual student to determine the best way forward.

What is Stepped Care?

The Stepped Care Model is a new approach to mental health services on campus.  This multi-tiered system seeks to meet students where they are in their mental health journey while promoting client autonomy and empowerment.  The most-effective yet least-resource intensive intervention is offered first; care is only stepped up to the next level with relevant assessment criteria.    

What can a student expect?

With the Stepped Care model, we aim:

  • To provide access to mental health care in various ways to allow for more students to utilize services
  • To decrease wait times and increase timely student access to care
  • To diversify therapeutic offerings for students
  • To create customized treatment plans addressing student needs
  • To build on student’s strengths and promote student empowerment by encouraging active participation in their plan of care
  • To provide a connection for students with other campus resources and support
  • To utilize technology in a way to maximize outreach and increase access

How does it work?

Any student who wishes to have a screening for services should call the Personal Counseling Center at 231-591-5968.  An appointment will be scheduled and the student will be asked to complete intake forms.  The forms can be completed anytime after an appointment is scheduled on the Healthy Dog Portal or in-person 10-15 minutes before the appointment.

During the intake screening, the student will meet with a counselor who will explain the stepped care model.  Together, the student and counselor will determine the best plan of care for the student. 

If, at any time, a student feels they are not succeeding with the step(s) they’re in, they are asked to schedule another screening with the center to reassess and develop a new plan.