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Parents and Families

Thank you for your interest and commitment to Ferris State University and we hope that your son or daughter is successful and happy while a student here.

Entering college is a landmark time for both children and parents. It is an opportunity for your student to learn how to make many of their own decisions, while you begin to 'let go' of some of the involvement you have had in their daily lives.

The Health Center staff is interested and concerned about your student's health during their education here. We are very aware of all the roles your student has here as (s)he learns, works, and socializes with others on campus. We also know that good health keeps students in classes, maintains their energy and contentment and contributes to their overall educational success.

Please note that our family physician, mid-level provider, and Registered Nurses are full time staff of the University and are responsible for about 15,000 visitations annually. I am confident that you and your student will find that they have a very positive and caring attitude toward each of their patients.

We greatly value the confidentiality of your student's health information. That is driven by our respect for your student's privacy, our medical ethics, State of Michigan licenses and board certifications, and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We always ask your student to sign a Release of Information before we provide information to you. That is usually not a significant barrier. We can always accept information from you as a family member and can talk with you about our practices and treatment programs in general terms.

Please use the links in the side menu to see a special message about depression and your student, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), and our Consent to Treat form.

If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 231 591-2614.