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Past Winners: Distinguished Staff and Team Awards

Ferris State University
2020 - Catherine Belkowski, Anne Hogenson, Laura Porritt, Karen Simmon, Jennifer Stevens
2019 - Shana Beisiegel, Kevin Bunce, Mark Eichenberg, Melanie Mulder, Shannon Yost
2018 - Kimberly Brandimore, Donna Eaton, Aleane Taylor, Emily Zoet
2017 - Jon Coles, Jody Gardei, Sandy Gholston, Elise Gramza, Lisa vonReichbauer
2016 - Ted Halm, Gary Schneider, Faye Young
2015 - Janelle Hemingway, Fernando Labra, Angela Morris, Velislav Pavlov, Cinthia Vander Sloot
2014 - Jennifer Amlotte, Brandi Behrenwald, Rob Bentley, Ramona Larson, Deedee Stakley
2013 - Jocelyn Goheen, Mary Holmes, Deb Thalner
2012 - Nick Campau, Deborah Ducat, Bryan Marquardt
2011 - Bill Bitzinger, Debra Cox, Cheryl Kondziolka, Pam Muccio, Debra Warwick
2010 - Rhonda Atteberry, Tim Bowman, Jason DaDay, Sherry Hayes, Tracy Powers
2009 - Steve Johnson, Angela Mishler, William Potter, Paula Rushford, Karen Youngs
2008 - Lori Armstrong, Annette Erler, Julie Modene, Denise Moulter, Deb Vance
2007 - Craig Bowman, Cindy Horn, Judith Keith, Kristen Salomonson, Shelly VandePanne
2006 - Judy Elsey, Brian Pacholka, Ken Schussler, Barb Spedowski, Glenn Zobel
2005 - Karen Lobdell, Gary Lutz, Mandy Seiferlein, Paul Sullivan, Leroy Wright
2004 - Joan Totten, Karen Ottobre, Jeremy Mishler, Kay Anderson, Craig Westman
2003 - Michael Cairns, Sally DePew, Lori Helmer, Teresa Langworthy, Mary Kay MacIver, Lionel MacKenzie, Angela Palmer, Kristine Szot-Green
2002 - Mindy Britton, Raymond Gant, Karen Kirk, Sally Nicolai, Ronald Salik, Linda Telfer, Rhonda Turner, Tom Weaver, Louise Yowtz
2001 - Michelle Burke, Robin Hoisington, Jana Hurley, Debra Jacks, Kelly Marek, Donna Schmidt, Mark Schuelke, Debra Sweet
2000 - Patricia Fraser, Will Gasper, Bruce Hammond, Carole Kamp, Fonda Kuzee, Jon Shaffer, Chris Vodry, Al Williams
1999 - Helen Bacon, Meg Hackett Carrier, Frank Hartley, Elaine Kamptner, Anita Kunnen, Shirley Ream, Marilyn Stolberg, Margaret Wozniak
1998 - Jan Eckert, Linda Faysal, Linda Golden, Scott Hill-Kennedy, Dan Hurley, Audrey Lyons, Rex Richardson
1996 - Carol Bluhm, Stan Dinius, Karen GreenBay, Jerena Keys, Sharon Hamel, Scott Thede, Shari Wessels
1995 - Margaret A. Eley, Daniel Burcham
1994 - Barbara A. Johnson, Albert Cassidy
1993 - Suzette Compton, Phyllis Powell
Ferris State University
2020 -  The Anti-Violence Alliance led by Joy Pulsifer

The Anti-violence Alliance (formerly Anti-Violence Coalition) is a multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students, that are committed to adapting, expanding, and developing new approaches to sexual violence prevention efforts at Ferris State University. The Alliance is committed to building a healthier, stronger, and safer community by delivering powerful, effective, research-informed, and on-going awareness, education, and prevention opportunities across campus focused on changing the culture and preventing sexual violence. This team is an incredible group of thirty-five staff, faculty, and students who have given their time to work together to learn more about and get engaged with the work to reduce violence on our campus.
2019 -  Crimson and Gold Team, Led by Kristen Salomonson

The goal of this team was to increase yield for students admitted to Ferris State University. According to a 2017 survey of prospective students, 40% indicated that a meeting with a current student was important to their decision to enroll. Since this opportunity was missing at Ferris, a new program was needed to build and foster relationships between current and prospective students before they arrive on campus and ultimately enroll at Ferris.

Kristen Salomonson (chair), Jessica Davison, Angela Garrey, Lincoln Gibbs, Richard Goosen, Kristi Haik, Arrick Jackson, Arielle Miller, David Nicol, Brandie Sigler, Nick Smith and Sherry Standen.

2018 -  When the Physical Plant’s Residential Life Custodial Team was faced with a reduction in staff, they developed an entirely new approach for cleaning and maintaining campus residence halls. They used the team’s experience to think outside of the box, creating a systematic and team-oriented strategy not only to continue but to improve their services.

Kevin Jackson, Brian Bowling, Dianne Britten, Melanie Buffin, Mark Falsetta, Sue Hodell, Lauri Knoop, Brian Krum, Tim Maguire, Jason Mason, Gary Myers, Jodi Nelson, Stephanie Noud.

2017 -  Parents Committee: The Ferris Parents Committee team consists of individuals across the Student Affairs division who have collaborated to develop programming and support for the parents and guardians of our students. Their team has created new initiatives that enable parents to better understand the University experience and how to support their students.

Melanie Mulder (chair), Jason DaDay, Trent Podskalen, Kathy Lake, Omar Gonzalez, Nicholas Campau, Angela Roman, Cindy Horn, Katie Thomas.

2016 -  Ferris Youth Initiative Mentoring Team: This team demonstrated the core values of Ferris through its commitment to go above and beyond to connect students with resources on the FSU campus, as well as support services within their home communities. The program's structure embodies an approach that is culturally sensitive, inclusive, and responsive to the unique needs of the student participants. The FYI Mentoring Team made personal sacrifices in order to support these students and their success not only in graduation but in life."

Janette Ward, coordinator. Team members: Julie Alexander, Rebecca Burgenmeyer, David Bright, Nicholas Campau, Erin Diehm, John Duman, Jennifer Dirmeyer, Emily Fransted, Jody Gardei, Scott Garrison, Karen GreenBay, Danyelle Gregory, Kelly Hicks, Franklin Hughes, Jackie Hughes, Laura McKiness, Matt Olovson, Michelle Perkins, David Pilgrim, Dave Schrock, Cinthia Vander Sloot, Patty Terryn, Charlotte Tetsworth, Mark VanLent, Matt Wagenheim, Trinidy Williams and Krissy Workman.

2015 - Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services: Employees for the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services were chosen to received the 2015 Distinguished Team Award "for providing unwavering support and exceptional programming to the Ferris community while promoting Ferris State University's core values."

The CLACS team oversees Ferris State's 200-plus registered student organizations and engages students in a variety of social and educational activities that promote interaction and build community partnerships. The CLACS office offers opportunities for students to develop ethical, social, leadership, citizenship and employability skills.

2013 - Dental Hygiene Program/Children's Dental Health Fair Team: The team's mission was to "coordinate, motivate and donate time, resources, and volunteers to support the Ferris State Dental Hygiene student component of the American Dental Hygienists Association and hold a free dental health fair for children in honor of National Children's Dental Health Month (February) in order to help the underserved families of the community in obtaining dental care." As a result, more than $4,000 in free dental services were provided to the local community. Team members included Susan Wancour, Catherine Archer, Kimberly Beistle, Sandra Burns, Danette Boyd, Annette Jackson, Denise Byrnes, Linda St. Clair, Nancy Baar, Cameo McGowen, Becky Zimmerman, and first and second-year Dental Hygiene students.
2012 Commencement Team: More than 125 Ferris employees and students are involved in planning and running five different Commencement ceremonies each May, and two different Commencement ceremonies each December. These employees and students represent each college and division within the University. While each and every member of the Commencement Team is important, several of the key leaders include Sherry Hayes, Tim Bowman, Elaine Kamptner, Brandi Behrenwald and Christa Bull.
2011 - Dawg Days Team: The Dawg Days Team provides a welcome and informative campus visit experience for prospective students -- an experience that has an influence in determining that Ferris State University is the right university for them. This team shines as a superior example of customer service, volunteerism, and collaboration. They strive to ensure that their guests leave with a clear, accurate and positive impression of Ferris through an extraordinary cross-campus spirit of cooperation and dedication.
2010 - University Eye Center at Family Health Care Team: Pamela Borstler, Robin Cooter, Tracy Dard, Christine Kamen, Linda Littke, Lisa Roach and Nancy Wiseman.
2009 - Dining Services Community Education Engagement Team: Craig Bowman, Doni Cassidy, Mary Cook, Lora Ellison, Carol Gilders, Lori Helmer, Julia Knopf, Mark Lane, Mike Langan, Julie Modene, Rick Modene, Cindy Ottobre, Stephanie Patton, Yvonne Seiter, Laura Snyder, Jeannie Tollenaar, Betty Traynor.
2008 - College of Business Applied Statistics Team: This team was developed in 2003 when its members recognized a need to increase student access to statistics expertise by consolidating office hours for Statistics faculty. The team also wanted to help increase the level of faculty development and scholarship among faculty and staff in the College of Business and the University as a whole by starting a monthly colloquium that involves all disciplines within the college. Most recently, the team started a Research Consulting Center to assist all faculty and staff within the University and the community at-large, with plans to conduct workshops for all faculty and staff.
2007 - Westview Dining Services: For its annual MOARC Christmas celebration. Linda Aldrich, Melody Armstrong, Mark Arnold, Marianne Battle, Connie Buffin, Sandy Carey, Carolyn Cook, Dave Cook, Mary Cook, Sue Cook, Tracy Franck, Carol Gilders, Lori Helmer, Mary Herring, Cheryl Hinsley, Susan Holt, Claudia Johnson, Brenna Kelley, Lauri Knoop, Mark Lane, Bryan Marquardt, LeeAnn Martin, Tom Morris, Cindy Ottobre, Tom Overholser, David Page, Gordon Patton, Sandy Paul, Karen Rohdy, Colleen Sauntman, Laura Seay, Yvonne Seiter, Mary Shattuck, Laura Snyder, Joanne Telfor, Allen Tetsworth, Jeannie Tollenaar, Betty Traynor, Stan Vallier, Dan VanHorn, Paula Walter, Tassi Witbeck and Faye Youngs.
2006 - Martin Luther King Committee: Karyn Benner, Karen GreenBay, Andrea Beck-Jones, Tyrone Collins, Kaiya Hamilton, Katherine Palazzolo-Miller, Maurice Webb, LeRoy Wright, Sandy Alspach, Tangynica Anderson, Anthony Baker, Jasmyne Brookins, Cheytaya Brown, Wendy Dodd, Matt Eickhoff, Todd Heft, Cindy Horn, Vanita Sanders, Charlie Wade, Hurdylyn Woods, Nina Woods, Rev. Jon Fleming, Pastor Robert Garrels, David Pilgrim and Okia Strickland.
2005 - Janus Custodial Training Team: Sandra Werner, Barb Gilmore and Stephanie Patton.
2004 - Technology Assistance Center Development Team: Gary Lutz, Susan Cherry, Phyllis Sherman and John Duman.
2003 - Custodial Work Order Process Committee: Diane Johnson, Chair, Jerena Keys, Jackie Perrin, Will Gasper, Abdollah Ferdowsi, LouAnn Kirkpatrick, Kay Anderson, Fonda Kuzee, Carla Worth, Denise Wild, Lynn Winans, William Carpenter, Sandra Werner and Thomas Jackson.

FSU Historical Taskforce and W.N. Ferris 150th Birthday Subcommittee Team: Harry Dempsey, Chair, Jennifer Ditto, Gary Huey, Dan Hurley, William Keller, Beth Krueger, Mary Kay MacIver, Larry Martin, Melinda McMartin, Barry Mehler, Todd Price, Sheila Squicciarini, Steve Stilwell, Patty Terryn, Kristine Szot-Green and Jim Wessel.

2002 - Dining Services Training Team Team was cited for developing an innovative program to formally train entry-level Dining Service employees in order to provide employment opportunities to individuals not typically qualified to fill those positions. Representing the Dining Services Training Team: Craig Bowman, Michael Langan, Stephanie Patton, and Viriginia Reinink.

Recruitment CD Committee Team was cited as a cross-divisional committee that produced a CD-Rom to be used as an effective, national recruitment tool for faculty and administrative employees. Representing the Recruitment CD Committee Team: Bill Bitzinger, Jeff Gabalis, Raymond Gant, Kent Kachaterian, Donna Smith, Susan Starkey, Adam Wetherell and Louise Yowtz.

2001 - The Academic Support Center was cited for providing students access to a variety of academic skill-building opportunities that assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence. Representing the Center: Jane Pole and Arlene Krellwitz, Co-Supervisors; Julie Urick, support staff; and Melinda Rosely, a student tutor.

Orientation, Advising, and Registration Team was cited for the cross-divisional work assisting new students and their parents in becoming acclimated to university life. Representing the Orientation, Advising and Registration team: Jana Hurley, Cheryl Webber, Michelle Burke, Carole Jones and Cathryn Claerhout.