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Distinguished Team Award: 2020

The Anti-Violence Alliance led by Joy Pulsifer

The Anti-violence Alliance (formerly Anti-Violence Coalition) is a multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students, that are committed to adapting, expanding, and developing new approaches to sexual violence prevention efforts at Ferris State University. The Alliance is committed to building a healthier, stronger, and safer community by delivering powerful, effective, research-informed, and on-going awareness, education, and prevention opportunities across campus focused on changing the culture and preventing sexual violence. This team is an incredible group of thirty-five staff, faculty, and students who have given their time to work together to learn more about and get engaged with the work to reduce violence on our campus.

The Team began in January 2019 when they received a $40,000 grant from the Michigan State Police to use for sexual assault prevention. They used the grant funds for a three-day intensive training for the entire Alliance, to pay for Bringing in the Bystander Train the Trainer weekend, to purchase the license to use Bringing in the Bystander, and to pay 10 Peer Educators to lead the prevention efforts in the fall 2019 and the spring 2019. More than 496 attendees have completed Bringing in the Bystander since March 2019.

All student-athletes and their coaches are completing the Bringing in the Bystander Program this academic year, and so far they have had six sessions of the program specifically for Athletics with four additional sessions planned for the spring 2020.

This fall they wrote another round of grant funding from the Michigan State Police and asked to fund a one-year, fixed length, full-time Violence Prevention Coordinator, which was funded and posted for hiring. The team is focused on the sustainability of this work so that they can change and maintain a safer campus culture.