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Distinguished Team Award: 2019

2019 Distinguished Team Award: Crimson and Gold Team, Led by Kristen Salomonson

Crimson and Gold Team, Led by Kristen Salomonson

The goal of this team was to increase yield for students admitted to Ferris State University. According to a 2017 survey of prospective students, 40% indicated that a meeting with a current student was important to their decision to enroll. Since this opportunity was missing at Ferris, a new program was needed to build and foster relationships between current and prospective students before they arrive on campus and ultimately enroll at Ferris. The team members carefully developed the program which entailed outreach to the academic Deans, finding suitable C&G hosts, creating a daily schedule and event interface for ease of sign-up, establishing a social media, email and text communication plan, and publishing a comprehensive training manual for the C&G hosts.

One of the most significant challenges facing the program was identifying students to serve as C&G hosts that matched the interests of the prospective students. There are now approximately 90 current students who have built a greater commitment and connection to the University than ever before by serving as C&G hosts. Though the C&G program was created to yield prospective students, it has also impacted retention and the overall campus climate, enabling Ferris to reach more than 100 students in its first year with a yield rate of 70%. As students consider their multiple opportunities for college, the C&G program offers them unique insights into how they could find a “fit” at Ferris and separate the University from its peer institutions.

Team Members

Kristen Salomonson (chair), Jessica Davison, Angela Garrey, Lincoln Gibbs, Richard Goosen, Kristi Haik, Arrick Jackson, Arielle Miller, David Nicol, Brandie Sigler, Nick Smith and Sherry Standen.