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Distinguished Team Awards: 2001

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center was cited for providing students access to a variety of academic skill-building opportunities that assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence. Each semester the Center's tutors and paraprofessionals provide academic assistance to approximately 1,200 students. The assistance includes individual and group tutoring and weekly seminars on improving test-taking, time management, note-taking, and text-reading skills. Co-supervisors Jane Pole and Arlene Krellwitz state that their most rewarding experience is to hear reports of student success.

Representing the Center at the team awards were Krellwitz, Julie Urick, support staff and Melinda Rosely, a student tutor.

Orientation, Advising and Registration Team

The Distinguished Team Award cited the cross-divisional Orientation, Advising and Registration Team for assisting new students and their parents in becoming acclimated to university life.

Providing orientation, advising and registration to new students is complex and demanding. Last year, to better meet the needs of students and parents, Ferris changed its two-day summer orientation program to a one-day program. The cooperation exhibited among the divisions of Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance and Student Affairs resulted in the development of a successful one-day program. In addition, the August weekend orientation programs attracted 1,500 students-more than twice the number the committee set as its goal. Jana Hurley serves as supervisor of this team.

Representing the Orientation, Advising and Registration team in addition to Hurley were Cheryl Webber, Michelle Burke, Carole Jones and Cathryn Claerhout.