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Tips for Images and Graphics

Images and graphics are topics that we are often asked about. Check the platform you will be using to understand the specifications for graphics and images. For example, on Facebook, cover photos (the large photo at the top of the page) need to be 851 by 315 pixels and less than 100KB. The "Help" section on social media platforms are a great source of information for images and graphics.

Here are some tips for commonly used social media sites

Facebook Pages

Use images that tell your unique story for your cover photo. Colleges may want to depict students involved in learning environments. Changing this photo frequently is a best practice. Departments can be more specific in their photos, depicting students and faculty engaged in learning specific skills. Be sure that your image meets graphic standards, and pay attention to Facebook rules regarding cover photos. For example, you cannot have a website address on your cover photo. Read more about the rules by following this link:

Profile photos are square and must be at least 180 by 180 pixels. This photo will appear in your posts, so make sure it is unique, simple and easily recognizable. Unlike cover photos, choose a profile photo carefully and don't change it. We are currently working on a standardized version that can be customized for each unit. Stay tuned for more information.


Twitter backgrounds cannot be stretched. Whatever you upload will display in the original size of the image. You can choose to tile the background, but it is typically best to upload a background sized to fit. Note that the background will display differently depending on each computer's settings. That's the way it is, and there is currently no way to force a page to display as you intend it. We are in the process of developing Twitter backgrounds that can be downloaded for general use. Stay tuned!

Twitter avatars (the profile image that displays on your page) are small boxed images. It is best to upload a photo that is already square or it may cut off in an unappealing manner. As with Facebook profile photos should be a unique identifying image that is easily recognized by your fans when you tweet. Choose wisely and let it live forever!


If you haven't checked out this platform yet, what are you waiting for? Ferris has been designated as our own unique "city." There are many venues, including yours, that students, faculty, staff and visitors are checking into daily. Get out there, claim your venue and start uploading photos. This platform is very unique in that it changes procedures frequently. Contact UA&M for assistance.

Other Platforms

Please contact us if you have questions about images or graphics for any other platform.