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Key Ferris State University Hashtags

Ferris State University


Below is a developing list of primary hashtags related to Ferris State University social media conversations on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The News Services and Social Media Team has started this list to help foster greater awareness of Ferris-related content and conversations.

The current hashtag list includes:


This is one of the official hashtags devloped to promote Ferris as a top choice for alumni who have attended, students who are attending and students who will be attending. This hashtag’s role is to help promote Ferris pride.


This is used related to various Ferris news items. When sharing University news-related content, accounts are encouraged to add #FerrisNews to categorize the conversation and help our users.


This is used with Ferris State University Athletics content. When posting positive items related to Ferris Athletics, account managers are encouraged to add #RiseWithUs to categorize the conversation for our followers.


This handle will be used with live events taking place at Ferris or live events with a connection to the University community. Live events could range from arts to athletics during the year. Appropriate posts, via Twitter, may be retweeted.


When sharing news about our alumni we use this hashtag. In addition to the @FerrisState account, this hashtag is frequently used by the @FerrisAlumni Twitter channel to spread the good news that involves our alumni. This is a pride-building hashtag.


This hashtag focuses on students and is most frequently used during orientation and Bulldog Beginnings events. This is a pride-building hashtag that is used by students – current and incoming. It is sometimes used with respect to the Athletics department.


This hashtag focuses on our prospective students who are interested in coming to Ferris and being a Bulldog. Be a Bulldog has been part of the University's overall marketing campaign.


Ferris has faculty, staff and students who choose to study abroad. The University also has a number of alumni traveling or living overseas. This hashtag allows social media managers to categorize conversations and retweet when appropriate.


This hashtag is used in conjunction with Admissions' summer orientation period, most heavily in the months of June and July. Because of the excitement associated with student enthusiasm, @FerrisState and @FerrisAdmission typically retweets quite heavily.


During the period leading up to commencement, this hashtag taps into the excitement of the University community as we celebrate our newest alumni. The year changes, but the sentiment is consistent. This hashtag is used by graduates, parents, other family members and friends to express their feelings in the days and weeks leading up to commencement ceremonies.


This is our summer hashtag that is used to highlight the fun things happening at Ferris and in Big Rapids between the spring and fall semesters. Frequently, the hashtag is used in conjunction with our video Ferris Summer Series.


Ferris is a community comprised of generous supporters who give money and time to support the institution, its students, faculty and staff. This hashtag allows Ferris to salute the men and women who give to help others. It is used primarily during major volunteer initiatives, fundraising events and donor recognition.


This is the hashtag we will push both to encourage visits to campus and to highlight visits to campus. It could be used during organized campus visits, such as Dawg Days.

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Don't see a popular Ferris-related hashtag, that you think should be included, contact us by email.