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Social Media Privacy: How Much is Too Much to Share?

Amanda RoehlBy Amanda Roehl
News Services Marketing and Communications Assistant

Hi, my name is Amanda and I like to post my entire life on social media. But in reality who cares? No one ... well, maybe your mom and a few of your friends, but other than that, not many people. We live in a world of oversharing on social media and the disappearance of the line between public and private. So where do we draw the line, and how does what we share on social media affect how other people see us? If you’re asking yourself “Why is Amanda giving us advice?” I don’t know either, this blog post is about to roast me, make me reevaluate everything I post.

Don’t tell everyone what you ate for breakfast

So you eat avocado egg, whole wheat toast with a side of Quinoa and black coffee every day? Cool. We get it. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing food pop up on Instagram or Snapchat stories, but not all the time. If you start to post, what seems like the same things every day, then people begin to refer you as the breakfast girl. A much lamer name than the breakfast club. LOL. I say, go post your healthy breakfast, because you want everyone to know how healthy you are! ;) But maybe stick to once or twice a week.

Posting about your children

This doesn’t apply for college students, although it may apply for some. Nevertheless, keep this rule in mind. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, cares that your kid got an “A” on is Kindergarten spelling test, Nancy. Ever heard of a refrigerator? Back in my day, a whopping 10 years ago, my mother hung up my grades on the fridge. So, when guests come over, the people that really matter can see how much of a smarty pants I am. The typical first/last day pics are fine and cute as well as if they actually do something amazing. Just don’t share too much about your children, because when they finally are old enough to have social media, and they see everything you posted about them ... expect a big argument. You can thank me later.

DUN, DUN, DUN…. Politics

The forbidden topic. I remember the second grade like it was yesterday. When it was rude to ask a woman her age and no one talked about politics. Now, I love a good political debate and sharing articles on Facebook, but I HATE when it fills up my feed. More and more, in recent years that people feel the need to share every opinion and comment on if you’re right or wrong. If you want to post about politics, go ahead, just don’t do it every day or five times a day. Be careful too, because employers will be looking at that. I have an aunt, who shall not be named, that posts so many political statuses I deleted her not once but twice!!! All I’m saying is don’t be like my aunt.

Show, but don’t show off, your romantic relationship

I love couples. I wish I was part of one. But, I don’t like to be reminded all the time that I’m single as a Pringle. Go ahead and show up your man!!!! (Or woman). But don’t be over-the-top with lovey-dovey posts. It’s too much when it can be seen as too personal or a deliberate attempt to show off.

Don’t be completely self-centered/going out

I AM GUILTY OF THIS. It takes a lot for someone to recognize a problem and fix it. Whether it be posting too many gym pics, mirror pics, selfies or Snapchat stories of going out with friends, it has to stop. Its fine, occasionally, but personally it’s gotten to the point of that is what I’m known for. Let me tell you that doesn’t feel good. Because we are all so much more than a selfie or a gym pic, and we need people to start recognizing that. Maybe a little less about yourself, and more about others.

That’s all I got! Make sure you follow Ferris and me for my great content.

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Amanda Roehl is a student writer for News Services and Social Media in University Advancement and Marketing.