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Are On-Campus Jobs Worth it for Students?

By MaeLynn Huhn
News Services Marketing and Communications Assistant

First, I would like to state and advertise that there are always new on-campus job openings posted on MyFSU, so be sure to be on the lookout for new job postings if working on campus is the thing for you. 

I have dabbled in a few different areas of on-campus jobs throughout my time here at Ferris, and I may be biased, but they have been such an excellent and enriching experience. I have worked in tutoring, social media, and front desk staff, which have taught me different skills I will take into the future. Unfortunately, not all jobs are perfect, and working on campus can have drawbacks, but let me dive into those. 


Proximity: The campus is very large, but I have found it to be very close in distance from any job I have worked on campus from when I was living on and off campus. I enjoy being able to enjoy those extra few moments in the morning and even, at times, being able to walk to work.

Scheduling: you will see this aspect in both the pros and cons of working on campus. Since campus jobs often work the typical 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule, it allows students to enjoy their weekends studying, relaxing, or enjoying their free time. I found it convenient to come to work after my classes, avoiding the notorious travel between work and school. Also, given my busy schedule, it was nice to have some availability in my life.

Understanding: I have found with some of my off-campus jobs that they don't quite understand the importance of focusing on schoolwork and establishing yourself as a college student, so it is nice that all my supervisors, bosses, managers, etc. understand the life of being a college student who is also working. They know that for you to even have a job on campus you must be a student, and they have all encouraged and motivated me to do my best academically while also managing my job.

Variability: There have been so many differences in the jobs I have held personally that I can only imagine the many differences in all on-campus jobs. There are jobs centered in various fields and preferences. For example, there are opportunities for students wanting to do manual labor or sit at a desk, jobs for people who prefer to work with children versus adults, and jobs for people wanting to work with food or people who would never want to work in food ever again. The variability is endless. Ferris also notes how they accept people of all different experience levels on their job postings. With the many options, there is a way to find your perfect fit for an on-campus job. 


Scheduling: This might seem controversial and hypocritical. The schedule can, at times, be a pain. I sometimes find myself bored with my free time on weekends and wishing I could go to work. For some, this might seem ideal, but I would surround myself with work and school during the week and then begin my weekend without anything on my schedule or to-do list.

Availability: On campus, jobs seem to be a hot commodity here at Ferris State. Students are looking for jobs they can work on campus and can sometimes draw the short end of the stick. Was grateful enough to receive an on-campus job early in my college career, but others have not been so lucky. Thus, emphasizing the importance of having connections on campus and starting the search early and consistently.

Uniforms: if you are like me, after my first year, my Ferris gear selection was limited to only the essentials, but not anymore. My entire wardrobe consists of Ferris gear. For someone who does not have Ferris pride, taking an on-campus job might not be for you. I am constantly looking through mounds of Ferris shirts to decide which one works best, and I am always here for more shirts to add to the collection. This might not be a con for me, but for some, it might, and different on-campus jobs require different uniforms.

In summary, Ferris' on-campus jobs have been an excellent opportunity for me. I have met so many incredible people and had so many fantastic experiences that I might not have if I didn't work on campus but working on campus is not for everyone. Everyone has their preferences, and on-campus jobs are only some of the many opportunities this city offers. Hopefully, everyone finds happiness wherever they please.