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Social Media Blogs

Summer 2022

McKenna Burns (July 6, 2022): What Makes A Good Social Media Influencer?
McKenna Burns (July 6, 2022): When Do you Need to Get a LinkedIn Profile as a Student?
McKenna Burns (July 6, 2022): Why Internships are Important?
MaeLynn Huhn (May 25, 2022): Are On-Campus Jobs Worth it for Students?
MaeLynn Huhn (May 13, 2022): What Makes a Good Profile Pic vs. a Bad Profile Pic?
Carissa Sroka (May 13, 2022): Navigating Through Social Media Toxicity

Summer 2021

Julia Hohman (July 8, 2021): Interning remotely – The Good and the Bad

Spring 2020

Katie Gilligan (April 7, 2020): The COVID-19 Quarantine Chronicles

Spring 2019

Amanda Roehl (March 29, 2019): Five Things People Say and Do that Annoy Me in Social Media
Christine Labby (Jan. 7, 2019): Five Tips to Keep Your Personal Instagram Clean and Professional

Fall 2018

Nachelle Marshall (Nov. 27, 2018): The Dos and Don’ts of Snapchat
Amanda Roehl (Nov. 14, 2018): How Much is Too Much to Share?

Summer 2018

Lexi Hongisto (June 20, 2018): Student-Athletes and Social Media
Amanda Roehl (Aug. 7, 2018): Summer Series
Nachelle Marshall (Aug. 7, 2018): Cool People to Follow in Social Media