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Coolest People to Follow in Social Media

Nachelle MarshallBy Nachelle Marshall
News Services Marketing and Communications Assistant

Social media has a huge following. There are more than 800 million accounts, on Instagram; about 974 million, on Twitter; 1.3 billion users, on Facebook; and YouTube has 1 billion active users each day. This got me thinking: With all those accounts, who are the “coolest” social media people to follow? What makes someone “cool” on social media? Is it the number of followers a person has? Is it influenced by who follows that person? Are the cool people followed by other cool people? Is it their content? I decided to look at the top eight “coolest” social media influencers to see what it is that I think makes them cool.

In no particular order, here are the COOLEST people to follow on social media.

Jake Paul is an actor from America who appeared on Disney Channel, but he is better known for his YouTube channel and creating Team 10 a group of vloggers in LA. He also posts his vlogs every day, because “it’s every day, bro!”

YouTube: (Jake Paul) 15,212 subscribers
Twitter: (@jakepaul) 3.3 M followers
Instagram: (@jakepaul) 10.9 M followers
Facebook: (Jake Paul) 5,254,523 likes, 5,310,633 followers

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality.

Youtube: (GaryVee) 1.4M subscribers
Twitter: (@garyvee)  1.76M followers
Instagram: (@garyvee) 3.4M followers
Facebook: (Gary Vaynerchuk)3,843,940 likes, 3,057,136 followers

Lele Pons is an Internet personality, actress and singer. She stands out because of her awesome social media personality.
Known for: YouTube

YouTube: (Lele Pons) 9.8 M subscribers
Twitter: (@lelepons) 1.87 M followers
Instagram: (@lelepons) 24.6M followers
Facebook: (Lele Pons) 3,962,862 likes, 4,018,170 followers

Kim Kardashian West is a reality television star with a makeup line and fashion line. Do I even have to put what makes Kim Kardashian “cool” isn’t she the queen of social media and reality television? Or, am I the only person who thinks that?

YouTube: Kim Kardashian West 1,211,206 M Subscribers
Twitter: (@KimKardashian) 60 M followers
Instagram: (@kimkardashian) 111M followers
Facebook: (Kim Kardashian West) 30,065,863 likes, 29,200,077 followers

Cameron Dallas is an Internet personality and actor. Mainly known for YouTube.

YouTube: (Cameron Dallas) 5.7 M subscribers
Twitter: (@camerondallas) 16.6M followers
Instagram: (@camerondallas) 20.8 M followers
Facebook: (Cameron Dallas) 3,781,793 likes, 3,758,343 follow

Kylie Jenner is a reality TV star known for her cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics. If you don’t know the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister you most likely have been living under a rock. I mean how could you miss out on craze around her secret pregnancy to daughter Stormi? 

YouTube: (Kylie Jenner) 2,635,587 subscribers
Twitter: (@KylieJenner) 25.5 M followers
Instagram: (@kyliejenner) 109m followers
Facebook: (Kylie Jenner) 21,459,550 likes, 21,426,530 followers

Gabby Douglas is an athlete who is also a member of the USA Gymnastics Women’s National Team. Gabby is known for her bubbly personality and obviously her three gold medals.

YouTube: N/A
Twitter: (@gabrielledoug) 1.09M
Instagram: (@gabbycvdouglas) 1.8M followers
Facebook: (Gabrielle Douglas) 1,366,697 likes, 1,335,428 followers

Nachelle Marshall is a student writer for News Services and Social Media in University Advancement and Marketing.