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Five Things People Say and Do that Annoy Me in Social Media

Amanda RoehlBy Amanda Roehl
News Services Marketing and Communications Assistant

I’m back and, again, giving advice that I should take myself. But I guess that means I know what I’m talking about because I can tell what you not to do, everything I do.

1. People who feel the need to post their grades.

This for once doesn’t apply to me. I wish it did, but it doesn’t. This applies to you smarty pants over in FLITE. You’re proud, your moms proud, your dad, your uncle, your cat. You know who is not proud? Me. KIDDING!! So proud of all your hard work and success and you’re probably going to do amazing things, but don’t post all your grades everywhere. You’re starting to make people feel bad about their work, and you come off as a show-off, or conceited. Just looking out for ya pal.

2. People who Snapchat how late they stay up

Maybe if it was during finals week, but every single night you’re posting how late you stay up. Not only is this going to mess up your sleep schedule or your health seriously but again, NO ONE CARES how late you stay up or if you’re an insomniac. All you’re doing to adding more stories for me to click through.

3.  People who post Snapchats of “working hard.”

This could be at work, or the library, or even volunteering. You taking the time out of your “busy” day to post about how hard you’re working, is bragging that you’re more productive than most people. But if you’re really that busy, why are you also snapping about it? If you noticed, the people that usually are in the library 24/7, don’t post on any social media for a week straight. It’s almost concerning, and I need to ask them if they’re alright or still alive. So ditch social media, the only thing that cares about your list of things to do is your planner.

4. People who Snapchat the ENTIRE concert that they’re attending.

This irks me like no other. But then again, I did it all of Lollapalooza. But it was Post Malone, so it’s fine, right? One song from the concert is fine, thank you. Most of the time you can’t see the person because everyone is in the nose bleeds, the performer looks like an ant. And half the time, I can’t hear the artist because you’re singing along to it. Please don’t quit your day job. Just keep in mind, if we all wanted to see the concert, we would have bought tickets ourselves. Thank you, next.

5. People who send you invites to play Facebook games/invitations to like pages.

THIS NEEDS TO STOP I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY FARMVILLE OR CANDY CRUSH. The year 2012 passed for a reason, so keep those games there. Most of the time, when you send someone to like a page, they have no interest in them. It’s almost concerning if a page has a lot of likes. Is it all their friends liking it for them, or is it a likable page? Let’s all only like pages we actually like in 2019. But in all honesty, I hope liking pages goes away in the near future.
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Amanda Roehl is a student writer for News Services and Social Media in University Advancement and Marketing.