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Social Media Best Practices

The Golden Rule

Use a strong password. There is nothing worse than having your account compromised and finding links on your page to places that few would dare to go. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and allowed symbols. In this case, sharing is discouraged! Your page account user name and password should only be known to those who are directly involved in administrating your page. Please do not store your passwords on a computer, especially a public one. If your page is "hacked," check the "Help" link on the platform site for assistance. For example, on Facebook, this link will give you instructions on how to regain control of your page in the event you are hacked:

Be Yourself

Social media requires authentic interaction. It’s ok to be less formal in this environment. Be yourself, and be sure to keep a consistent voice throughout the platforms that you use. Be transparent - identify yourself to your fans and let them know that you are engaging in social media to represent Ferris State University, your program, department, College, etc. Be sure to keep your ears open to hear what is truly relevant to your fan base, and post accordingly.

Be Accurate

Avoid embarrassment by checking your facts and proofread carefully. If you do make a mistake (welcome to the club!), be sure to correct it quickly and be visible about it. Admitting that you made an error will earn you respect online.

Link Back

When possible, link posts back to your site on


Don't just copy from other pages, hit the "Share" button. It's the right thing to do!

Be Timely

Your online fans expect instant content when they want it. Be sure you are prepared to deliver. Short updates with a few facts beats a long and deadly accurate report well after your fans have lost interest in the event.

Your Mother Was Right

Be nice and be respectful of others. If you wouldn’t say it to them in person, don’t say it online. Remember that genuine interaction will involve many different views and opinions. Be sure to allow comments on your page – trust us - it will be more real that way. Respond to as many comments as possible, encourage debate and provide the forum for an honest and open discussion. You will reap the rewards. But be sure to delete the spam and banish the truly inappropriate posters. You can do this by posting a “Rules of the Road” document. Click here for an example. Worried about what they will say? Click here for tips on how to handle negative comments.

Follow Graphic Standards

Ferris State University graphic standards apply to social media, just as they do in printed communications and other online platforms. Graphic standards bring consistency to how Ferris presents itself and helps to strengthen our brand identity. Use the Graphic Standard resources listed on the top menu of this page for assistance.

We recommend that you use a photo for your profile that would be commonly recognized for your program, department or college. Click here for tips about creating images. Do not change the shape or add words or symbols to the Ferris flame box logo to use as your avatar. Please contact us if you need assistance with a photo or avatar.