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Social Media FAQ

Why do it? Social media is a powerful tool for reaching out to your audience. The demographic you are seeking to communicate are already there, and they have an expectation that they will find you there, too. Establishing a presence in exactly the place where your audience is will be more and more critical to your program. Take a look around at competing universities. Chances are, your counterparts are already utilizing social media to advertise their program.

What platform is best for me?  This depends on the audience you are trying to reach. Evaluate the demographics of your target audience, then investigate the various platforms available. Click here for a description of popular platforms.

Why should I follow graphic standards? Ferris State University’s brand is strengthened by consistent application of graphic standards through logos, colors and typography. It is vital that our name recognition, visibility and brand be protected throughout various types of communications, including social media.

Where can I get help? You may contact University Advancement & Marketing for access to a variety of resources to use for your social media efforts. Graphics, images and content advice are freely offered, but sorry, we won't administer your page for you.

Why should I care if my page is officially recognized?   UA&M maintains the officially recognized social media sites for the University to help drive traffic to your site and encourage interaction. Click here to see the official list

Do I really want to allow others to post on my site? How do I handle inappropriate comments? Yes, we recommend that you allow comments on your sites – it makes your interaction more authentic and genuine. All sites should have a “Rules of the Road” statement to act as a guideline for your fans for posting, and for you to fairly remove postings that violate your rules. See our official version here.

Tips for handling negative comments.

Negative comments on your page can be disconcerting, but handled correctly, they can make you shine! Click here for tips.