Pharmaceutical Sciences Mission Statement

The faculty of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the source of expertise for the delivery of the basic scientific concepts that form the foundation of the profession of pharmacy for our students, practitioners and other healthcare professionals.

These concepts support the College’s mission:

  • To deliver patient-centered and population-based care through optimization of medication therapy and the promotion of wellness;
  • To continue to actively engage students in acquiring the critical-thinking skills that will give them the ability to use these concepts in their future courses and clinical experiences, as well as in their careers as pharmacists;
  • The department faculty and students shall be involved in service and scholarly/research activities that broadly support the public’s health: the extension of the body of knowledge of the profession of pharmacy; and the missions of the college, and the university;
  • These activities support the creation of a professional community that embodies the principles of ethics, fairness, honesty, civility and respect for diversity in peoples’ ideas, beliefs and cultures.