Application Guides - State Colleges and Universities

The Application Guides listed below outline courses that would be accepted from each institution to meet the pharmacy prerequisites for Fall of the year listed on each guide. Guides should be checked each year and are subject to change without notice. The College of Pharmacy makes the best effort to select courses at each institution, which can fulfill program prerequisites. We do not guarantee that they will provide equivalent preparation for the PCAT or the Doctor of Pharmacy program. In addition, the pharmacy prerequisites provide a minimum preparatory level of academic experience in biology, chemistry, math and general education for meeting the demands of the Pharm.D. program. Students are encouraged to take additional courses in biology, chemistry or the physical science to best prepare them for the rigors of pharmacy school Courses listed in the Application Guides serve only to meet the pre-pharmacy requirements and should not be interpreted as "transfer equivalencies" for like courses at Ferris for the purpose of pursuing other degrees.

Michigan Colleges/Universities