Post Graduate Residency Training

SpartanNash/Ferris State University

  • Accreditation Status: Accredited

    Duration/Type: Community Pharmacy Practice Residency, 12 months
    Number of Positions: 1
    Application Deadline: January 15th
    Starting Date: July 1st
    Estimated Stipend: $52,000
    Interview Required: Yes

    Purpose: To build upon the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes to develop community-based pharmacist practitioners with diverse patient care, leadership, and education skills who are eligible to pursue advanced training opportunities including postgraduate year two (PGY2) residencies and professional certificates. Graduates of the SpartanNash/Ferris State University PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency will develop skills required to effectively manage pharmacy distribution processes, deliver MTM services to patients, design and implement unique patient care services, and exercise leadership skills in community pharmacy practice.

    Program Contact
    Lisa M. Meny, Pharm.D.
    Phone: (616)643-1133
    Fax: (616)643-1133
    [email protected] 

  • Residents participate in the provision and expansion of patient care services, experience the integral role a pharmacist plays on a multi-disciplinary team, provide evidence-based education to patients, community, and healthcare professionals, and gain business and managerial tools associated with operating a regional pharmacy chain. Additional opportunities include medication safety, accountable care organizations, ambulatory care, administration and legislation. Upon completion graduates will be poised to practice in a variety of settings advancing the practice of pharmacy. 

  • Residents receive two weeks paid vacation, six paid holidays, health/vision/dental coverage, reimbursement for professional travel, and designated office space.

  • PharmD from and ACPE accredited College of Pharmacy, letter of intent, a current curriculum vitae (CV), three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and eligibility for licensure in Michigan.

  • SPARTANNASH: SpartanNash strives to be a leader in pharmacy practice throughout Michigan.  Our services include cutting edge Medication Therapy Management services, as well as traditional pharmacy services like immunization, etc.  The SpartanNash approach has been to partner with local self-insured employer groups and provide state-of-the-art patient care programs on the job site.  Clinical pharmacists collaborate with other health care providers in the design and implementation of these services, allowing for optimum patient care outcomes.  SpartanNash is also a leader in pursuing the community pharmacist’s role in Accountable Care Organization and in health information exchange.

    FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY:  Ferris State University College of Pharmacy is a leader in pharmacy education committed to providing the highest quality post-graduate training program.  Through association with their program, you will interact with other residents and students, and be supported in your academic and research learning experiences.  Ferris is committed to enhancing community practice and the profession of pharmacy. 

    As part of the program, the resident will be participating in the provision and expansion of patient care services at SpartanNash, providing education to patients at the time of dispensing and at designated outreach programs, conducting MTM and medication reviews in a variety of settings, and gaining business and managerial tools through real world and hypothetical experiences.

    The program is continually evaluated and reviewed to maintain compliance with the ASHP Regulations on Accreditation of Pharmacy Residencies.

    Resident displaying her project.

    Resident displaying her project.

  • The resident will participate in the following required learning experiences:

    • Leadership and Practice Management

    The purpose of the Leadership and Practice Management is to provide background, training, and experience in the following areas: development and/or enhancement of community pharmacy services, quality improvement of the medication-use process and clinical services, skills needed to create business models, professional development, and reimbursement mechanisms that make patient care services viable in the community pharmacy settings.

    • Academia

    The purpose of the academic learning experience is to provide the resident with the background, training and experience in the provision of education to patients, patients, colleagues and student pharmacists in the community practice setting as well as within the academic environment. This experience will grant the resident the opportunity to increase their skills and confidence as an educator serving as a preceptor of the College of Pharmacy. The academic learning experience will take place in both the pharmacy practice setting interacting with student pharmacy as well as the College of Pharmacy. Residents will be expected to teach in both FSU locations in Big Rapids and Grand Rapids respectively. The resident under the supervision of the primary preceptor will provide a variety of didactic, interactive small group discussions and practical teaching experiences. The resident will also have the opportunity to participate in Ferris State University’s Pharmacy Education Development and Lecture Series (PEDALS) for pharmacy residents.

    • Ambulatory Care

    The purpose of the Ambulatory Care learning experience is to introduce the resident to providing team-based, direct-patient care in an outpatient primary care setting. While on this experience, the resident will work as a member of the interdisciplinary care management team to provide high quality and cost-effective care to the patient population. This experience will provide the resident with training and experience in the following areas: population health management; transitions of care; effective and efficient communication with patients, providers, and other healthcare team members; motivational interviewing; documenting within electronic health records; care management services; developing a multidisciplinary care plan; identifying and addressing social determinants of health; and value-based reimbursement models.

    • Medication Therapy Management

    The purpose of the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) experience is to provide background, training, and experience in the following areas: efficient and effective communication with colleagues, other members of the healthcare team, and patients; collection of relevant subjective and objective patient information; analysis and assessment of patient information for prioritization of patient needs; development of individualized patient-centered plans taking into consideration patient-specific needs and healthcare team thoughts; implementation of patient-centered plans and appropriate follow-up if necessary; accurate documentation of all activities; development of professional behaviors through collaboration with colleagues and members of the healthcare team; motivational interviewing; whole patient care; development of patient-centered relationships; facilitation of goal setting with regard to patient involvement in care plan; medication and care plan adherence; application of disease state knowledge and treatment guidelines.

    • Care2 Disease State Management Program

    The purpose of the Care² Learning Experience is to provide the resident with the background, training and experience in direct patient care in community practice through a variety of activities such as: participation on a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, employer-based disease state management program, administration of immunizations, provision of community and patient education, and involvement in other Clinical Care team patient care projects as they are presented. 

    • Pharmacy Based Patient Care Services

    The purpose of the Pharmacy-Based Patient Care Services learning experience is to provide the resident with the background, training and experience in direct patient care in community practice through a variety of activities such as: participation on a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, employer-based medication therapy management program, administration of immunizations, provision of community education, and involvement in community health/outreach events. 

    • Research Project

    The purpose of this experience is to introduce the resident to the research process.  This learning experience will provide the resident with the training and experience that will enable him to complete the following activities: design and write a research protocol, apply and obtain International Review Board (IRB) approval, conduct sound research according to research protocol, analyze data utilizing appropriate statistics and data analysis software if needed, draw appropriate conclusions, develop and deliver a research poster and verbal presentation to peers, and write a manuscript for publication.


Meijer/Pfizer/Ferris State University

  • Accreditation Status: Accredited

    Duration/Type: Community Pharmacy Practice Residency, 12 months
    Number of positions: 1
    Application Deadline: 1/15/2017
    Starting Date: July 1st
    Estimated Stipend: $47,500
    Interview Required: Yes

    Statement of Purpose:  

    The purpose of the Meijer – Ferris State University (FSU) – Pfizer PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program (CPRP) is to prepare exceptional pharmacy leaders with advanced competencies in community pharmacy practice, clinical services, and patient care.  In addition, this residency program provides advanced academia and educational opportunities as well as research training to expose the resident to meaningful development and measurable outcomes of a patient care service that impacts both patients and community pharmacy growth.  This residency develops innovative pharmacy practitioners who are prepared to pursue a PGY2 residency and/or advance the profession. 

    Program Description:

    The Meijer – FSU – Pfizer CPRP is a partnership which combines the practice innovation and commitment to patient care of Meijer Pharmacy, with the long-standing academic excellence of the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy.  Additional research support is provided by Pfizer, Inc. via preceptorship and resource allocation.  Through this collaboration, Meijer Pharmacy will provide its residents with an advanced community pharmacy practice environment serving a wide variety of patient populations.  This environment, combined with professional leaders embedded within both Meijer Pharmacy, FSU, and Pfizer, is designed for residents to be an integral part in fostering multiple advancements in pharmacy practice, from expansion of current clinical programs to the development of new collaborative, inter-professional, and value-based patient care models.

    Program Outcomes:

    • To provide advanced patient care opportunities and to strengthen clinical skillset with measurable growth as a pharmacy practitioner 
    • To advance community pharmacy practice and overall patient care through the implementation and evaluation of collaborative practice models  
    • To enhance the link between the College of Pharmacy’s academic curriculum and community practice by contributing to course content delivery and curricular revision as appropriate
    • To develop in the resident business and practice management skills to effectively lead a pharmacy team 
    • To develop or evaluate and improve a financially viable pharmacy service or program with demonstrated improvement in patient outcomes

    Program Contact:

    Courtney Biehl, Pharm.D.

    Phone: 616.249.6210

    Fax: 616.249.6465

    [email protected]


  • This residency program offers diverse experiences designed to prepare leaders in pharmacy practice. Opportunities to develop teaching skills, along with clinical and practice management skills, are available through longitudinal learning experiences in academia, drug information, administration, and ambulatory care. In addition, residents participate in a number of community events, perform a variety of patient care services, and complete formal teaching and pharmacy business leadership certificate programs embedded into the residency. Upon program completion, residents will be skilled practitioners prepared to enter certain PGY2 residency programs, or obtain positions in academia, ambulatory patient care, clinical community pharmacy and others.

  • Residents receive 2 weeks paid vacation, 6 paid holidays, reimbursement for professional travel, optional medical/dental coverage and office space with dedicated phone line and computer.

  • Pharm.D. from an ACPE-accredited institution, letter of intent, 3 letters of recommendation, official transcripts and eligibility for licensure in Michigan.