Pharmacy - Contact Us

If you have a biostatistics need, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. In the e-mail, provide the following:

  • Name (students, provide your faculty advisor’s name in addition to your name)
  • Project Title (if this is a Pharm.D. project request)
  • Research Statement (clearly and concisely state what is the question you are trying to answer)
  • What type of data do you have or plan to collect to support your research statement?
  • Desired Completion Date
  • Follow-up of the data dissemination plan:
    • Targeted conferences for poster development
    • Targeted journals for paper development

Please do not send any data to the [email protected] e-mail address. When you discuss your biostat needs with someone from the Biostats Core, we will advise you on best practices of electronic data transport.