Biostatistics Services

Statistical Design

  • Assistance with developing/formulating research hypotheses
  • Sample size computations (including power and effect size)
  • Data collection methodology
  • Assistance with developing study limitations
  • Advice on data items to be collected in a laboratory or clinical site outcomes or epidemiological studies
  • Check of appropriate stitstical use of research hypotheses
  • Assistance with developing statistical models and tests 
  • Testing of statistical assumptions for various statitistical tests and models
  • Creating visual analysis of the results of statistical tests/models
  • Assistance with drafting abstracts, posters and manuscripts
  • Assistance with understanding and responding to manuscript/paper review critiques

Specialized Analyses

  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Conjoint analyses
  • Sampling/managing/querying big data sources
  • Statistical analysis of clinical trials
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Biomarker analysis (clustering and predictive models advice)
  • Human genome sequencing (example: RNA-sequence)
  • Data mining/predictive modeling