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‘Brilliant Students’ Participate in Cybersecurity Camp, Gain Exposure to University

PhotoCybersecurity Camp student Jada Joseph, a junior from South Lyon East High School, listens in a group setting as Ferris State University’s Information and Security Intelligence program welcomed 20 students for four days of learning and exposure to campus June 20-23.

A small slice of the academic normalcy presented itself in Ferris State University’s College of Business building from Sunday, June 20 through Wednesday, June 23. Approximately 20 high school students took part in learning games and other activities as part of the Information and Security Intelligence program’s cybersecurity camp.

ISI Associate Professor Jerry Emerick teamed with assistant professors Molly Cooper and Jason Otting to support the camp. Emerick said having nearly two dozen camp students was energizing for the instructors and counselors.

“A full classroom is such a pleasing place, kind of a surprise, given where we have been in the last year with virtual instruction,” Emerick said. “We are all glad that it could happen and be so well received. The feeling of normalcy is great.”

The Information Security and Intelligence faculty worked in teams to expose the campers to cryptography, digital forensics and other concepts. Emerick expressed confidence the campers enjoyed and valued the activities and information.

“The students are brilliant,” Emerick said. “They want to know more about concepts of computing and cybersecurity. This camp is a great opportunity to provide students a taste of the careers and occupations they might enjoy by earning a degree in this field.”

PhotoCybersecurity Camp student Aaron Godin (right), of Traverse City, participates during a group setting as Ferris State University’s Information and Security Intelligence program welcomed 20 students for four days of learning and exposure to campus June 20-23.

Aaron Godin, of Traverse City, came to Ferris having completed his first year of high school.

“A teacher had mentioned to me that this camp was available,” Godin said. “I have a great interest in technology, so I talked with some friends and decided that it would be right for me.”

He added that some concepts reviewed were not new to him.

“My father works in information technology,” Godin said. “I saw the camp as a great way to learn about cybersecurity by working with the professors and counselors here.”

Jada Joseph, of Novi, is approaching her senior year at South Lyon East High School and said she appreciated the suggestion to begin her visits with the academic camp.

“My father researched this opportunity,” Joseph said. “It is a good feeling to get on a college campus.”
Joseph and other campers learned about cybersecurity concepts by playing games, which she said was an exciting learning method.

“This is giving me good information about cybersecurity, and I want to know more,” Joseph said. “I also have an interest in studying pharmacy, but am looking forward to exploring all my options.”

Jada and the other students stayed in Ferris’ Housing and Residence Life facilities and had meals at The Rock during their time on campus.

“I like being here a lot. I have enjoyed getting familiar with Ferris while we move around the campus,” Joseph said. “I told a friend about my experiences here. She was encouraged about what I found and interested to hear about the program.”

Godin still has decisions to consider for postsecondary education but is happy to be building on his experiences through the cybersecurity camp.

“I am interested in learning more about Ferris for my education,” Aaron said. “I have had a great time here and plan on looking into the Information Security and Intelligence program.”