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Summer Internships: Kanyon Sherrick

Ferris State University students gain valuable work experience through internships. Internships also can confirm or redirect career decision-making, provide marketability, develop people skills and enhance classroom learning. Many academic programs require one, but the experience is encouraged regardless to provide students with a better understanding of what will be expected of them in the workplace.

Many students are participating in myriad internships this summer. Meet:

PhotoKanyon Sherrick

Kanyon Sherrick

He is: from Middleton and entering his senior year. Kanyon is completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Welding Engineering Technology and a certificate in Quality Technology. 

Kanyon’s internship: is with Genie, a manufacturer of lifts and platforms, based in Redmond, Washington. “My internship is focused on supplier quality. When welded components are outsourced to suppliers, ensuring that those components are meeting Genie’s quality standards is critical to steady production and functional, safe products. Along with solving quality issues and developing suppliers, my main project is to create a new procedure to test and qualify suppliers for welding Genie parts. This new process will improve corporate timelines and expenditures, while it helps the corporation choose high-quality suppliers.”

Future Plans: “I very much enjoyed being in a quality engineering role as it relates to welding. Finding a career where I can ensure the safety of others through dependable products has always been a career goal, and I see weld quality as a prime place to pursue that. I certainly intend to find a job that allows me to work in weld quality.”

Advice For Fellow Students Pursuing Internships: “They should know the experience is worthwhile, even if an internship is not required by their program. The real-world opportunity is very beneficial for seeing if you enjoy the field, gaining experience for how to do the job, and making professional connections. If anyone is curious, I would suggest talking to their advisor, professor, or the Student Life office. The university offers many great resources for finding an internship. My other recommendation, especially if someone is on the fence about getting an internship, is to try their best to get one. Do not be afraid to aim high and get outside your comfort zone. As this is my first internship, I found it was where the best growth happens.”

Other Interests: “I am a member of the American Welding Society, including the university’s registered student organization. I am also a member of Real Life campus ministry, and I work as a facilitator for Chemistry in the Structured Learning Assistance program during the school year. In my free time, I enjoy getting outside to hike and fish.”

Ferris Core Value Kanyon Finds Valuable: Excellence. “I firmly believe in putting my best foot forward in all that I do, and pursuing the Quality Technology certificate along with my Welding Engineering Technology degree has allowed me to apply this in an impactful way. In the world of welding, especially in safety-critical components, not pursuing excellence and creating bad welds can have disastrous consequences. By applying the value of excellence, I can make sure that products are safe for anyone using them.”