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Housing and Residence Life Staff Support Remaining Students Amidst COVID-19 Response

Campus apartmentsThe Housing and Residence Life operation at Ferris State University is serving approximately 150 students who could not return to their home countries or residences in other areas of the country. The vast majority of those students are residing in the West Campus Apartments and East Campus Suites.

Ferris State University’s residential facilities are nearly vacant, but the Housing and Residence Life staff are still on the job. Nearly 150 students are completing the Spring 2020 semester on the Big Rapids campus.

Housing and Residence Life Director Bryan Marquardt said that the majority of the students residing in their system are staying in the West Campus Apartments and East Campus Suites.

“The moves that were necessary went very smoothly,” Marquardt said. “We required that students identify the hardship they faced, that brought them to continue in our system. Some of them cannot return to their homelands because of the global situation, and others could not manage the interstate travel necessary to continue the semester at their homes. Those requests were thoroughly reviewed, and we moved these students into vacant apartments and suites.”

Marquardt said residence hall directors remain in their on-campus residences and are supporting the operations.

“There has been excellent collaboration with the Dining Services program, where students can acquire ‘ready-to-heat’ meals and other staples they require, to meet their nutritional needs,” Marquardt said. “We are prepared to follow through with these commitments through the end of the spring semester. There are determinations to be made on how our facilities may be put to use during the summer semester. We will await the administration’s direction on whether traditional programming and operations are appropriate, or possible during that time.”