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`Mohawks to Bulldogs in Four Years' Initiative Developed for Morley Stanwood Freshmen

Morley Stanwood studentsAn initiative called Mohawks to Bulldogs in Four Years, or M2B4, is now active, with Ferris State University experts offering their information and experience to students in the Morley Stanwood school district

An initiative to support high school students in the Morley Stanwood district has been developed by Ferris State University’s Office of Admissions and Office of Financial Aid.

Mohawks to Bulldogs in Four Years, or “M2B4,” is primarily structured to help freshmen in Morley Stanwood High School’s Class of 2023 understand that an early focus on postsecondary education can be rewarding academically and financially.

Ferris’ Dean of Enrollment Services Kristen Salomonson said in this inaugural year, the informational and educational programming should benefit students and their parents.

“This partnership aims to provide students and their families with the knowledge and support to successfully navigate the college decision process,” Salmonson said. “The M2B4 committee is researching data to determine what obstacles families are facing and trying to provide resources and education that can help them be successful.”

A campus tour that includes a visit to a residence hall, lunch at The Rock Café, and a mock college classroom experience will be available for these students on Tuesday, Dec. 3. On Tuesday, March 17, the university’s Get Real! financial awareness event will be presented at Morley Stanwood High School. Melanie Mulder, a financial aid advisor, said the goal is to illustrate the economic benefits higher education can create for a student, relative to their lifetime earning potential.

“Communicating early and often with students, especially at the beginning in their freshmen year, that high school GPA and SAT scores can equate to big dollars when they go to college can make the difference in a family being able to afford a college education,” Mulder said. “Freshmen can make important strides toward qualifying for academic scholarships by achieving good grades throughout their high school experience, rather than making that their goal as a junior or senior.”

It is estimated that by the year 2020, 70 percent of jobs in Michigan will require formal postsecondary education, through options that include an Associate of Applied Science degree, a certificate or technical training. The M2B4 initiative is goal-oriented to prepare students and their families for this new reality.

James Nelson, principal of Morley Stanwood High School, said this collaboration with Ferris should help his students now and in the future.

“Our hope is that, by partnering with Ferris, we can provide our students with the best information so they can make an educated decision on what their future holds,” Nelson said. “Ferris has always been a great partner, and we are very happy to be participating in this initiative.”