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Ferris State Torch Announces Noah Poser As Next Editor-In-Chief

Noah PoserNoah Poser

The Ferris State Torch newspaper announced Ferris Journalism major Noah Poser as the next editor-in-chief for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Poser has had a place in journalism since his sophomore year at Milford High School. Poser was the managing sports editor for his high school publication.

“After joining journalism just to get out of art, I happened to stumble into my life’s passion,” Poser said.

Poser said he owes his current career to his high school journalism teacher, Rob Hamilton, stating that his high school teacher helped him grow as a writer.

“I started as someone who just cared about sports, but he showed me a broader scope and really guided me on the path of journalism. No matter how many times he said it wouldn’t be an easy field to go into, he would always follow it up with optimism that I could make it work. As I now embark on my journey as editor-in-chief of the Torch, I owe all my success thus far to him,” Poser said.

Being a fresh face at Ferris and a new addition to the Torch, Poser is eager to begin his work as editor-in-chief.

“I hope to bring to the Torch what I’ve brought every single day. That would be someone who is working hard to improve their talents each and every day as well as someone who will attack every problem ahead of them with a positive attitude,” Poser said.

Missing out on the editor-in-chief position in high school, a fire was lit under Poser. He promised himself he would be the editor-in-chief of the next publication he served and that is now coming true as a freshman at Ferris.

“What I am most excited for as EIC is to help continue to keep the Torch on an upward trajectory to help make it the best college newspaper in the country,” Poser said.

The Torch won 18 individual awards and placed second in their division for the 2018 Michigan Collegiate Press Association Contest.

“Noah brings energy and excitement for journalism that makes him a positive member of the Torch,” Torch Advisor Steven Fox said.

Fox appreciates not only the energy Poser brings, but the commitment to his craft with past experiences in the journalism field.

“Stepping into the role of editor-in-chief at the Torch is always a great honor. Noah continues in the tradition of a long line of Ferris students who get the opportunity to lead an award-winning university student newspaper. The position comes with a great deal of responsibility and Noah is ready to rise to that challenge,” Fox said.

Ferris Journalism and Technical Communication junior Megan Lewton will be stepping down as editor-in-chief at the end of the Spring 2019 semester. She hopes to continue her work with the Torch until she graduates in December 2019.

The Torch is an award-winning weekly publication that was founded in 1931.