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Social Work Association, Liaison Committee for Students with Disabilities Welcome Theater Delta Performance Oct. 9

Theater DeltaAn interactive performance by the Theater Delta troupe on Tuesday evening, Oct. 9 in Ferris State University’s University Center ballroom will address the concept of mental health awareness in general, with a specific focus on depression and suicide.

The 6 p.m. performance comes during Disability Awareness Month activities on the Ferris campus, with the Social Work Association collaborating with the Liaison Committee for Students with Disabilities in sponsorship of this interactive performance.

“These visits by Theater Delta frequently find a campus audience already well-informed on the subject matter,” Liaison Committee member Maggie Walcott said. “It is impressive that over 80 percent of those who offer comment after the performances tell us they were impacted by what they saw and considered it a valuable learning experience.”

SWA President Nick Hadley said the organizational core values include social justice and the dignity and worth of each person. SWA hopes that an interested audience attends and benefits from the presentation.

“As a group, we seek to have discussions about topics that some others might find objectionable,” Hadley said. “Theater Delta’s unique style of presentation lets the audience get good information on the chosen subject from the actors who expand on their roles while they remain in character.”

Hadley said he believes the performance would even be valuable for students in programs that may not focus on support of people in need.

“This exercise facilitates thought, conversation and greater understanding,” Hadley said. “If a student in the audience has a question, they can ask it, even if it seems inconsiderate, or offensive.”

The Theater Delta performance begins at 7 p.m., but those attending are encouraged to take part in a pre-show event with refreshments served, which starts at 6 p.m. Mature audiences are recommended due to the sensitive nature of the topic. The show is free to attend, but a $5 donation is suggested. All donation proceeds will be given to the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan.

Those who may need special accommodations to attend the performance should contact Peter Hector at (231) 591-5897 or by writing to his email.

PHOTO CAPTION: Members of the Theater Delta troupe will offer an interactive performance on Tuesday, Oct. 9 in the University Center ballroom of Ferris State University. Some campus groups are joining the Social Work Association registered student organization and the Liaison Committee for Students with Disabilities.