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Pro-Mo-TEd Program at Ferris Supporting Instructional Need throughout Michigan

Ferris State UniversityA hybrid instructional program offered through Ferris State University’s School of Education serves as a resource for local career/technical center instructors who are providing the necessary training to meet standards established by the state of Michigan.

School of Education Director Liza Ing said Professional Modular Technical Education, or Pro-Mo-TEd, allows instructors teaching during the academic year to join a cohort requiring two summer sessions of intensive learning on Ferris’ main campus.

“The first session allows Pro-Mo-TEd students to become familiar with their peers and program instructors while they complete nine credits of one-credit, modular instruction,” Ing said. “While they work in their home districts, during the remainder of the next year, their coursework is online with occasional group meetings offered to the cohort at regional sites.”

Ing said instructors enrolled in Pro-Mo-TEd move toward meeting qualifications for their Bachelor of Science in Technical Education by completing their second nine-credit summer session and a student-teaching module in their home district.

“This review of their ability, as an instructor, may be completed by a member of the School of Education’s faculty or an administrator from their district could serve as the observer,” Ing said. “Ferris is the only university offering this BS degree path, and it is the College of Education and Human Services’ intention to continue to serve this need, statewide.”

Ferris’ degree program builds on the training that is offered to help these instructors earn their Standard Career-Tech Education certificate from the Michigan Department of Education. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree is a component of the successful completion of this process.

The Pro-Mo-TEd curriculum was developed at a time when vocational and technical centers across the state required a structured response from higher education. Ing said their cohort numbers have leveled off in recent years, but Ferris’ School of Education is committed to making the program available.

“Many of the instructors who needed this accreditation have earned it, which is important for continued career/technical instruction at the local level,” Ing said. “Pro-Mo-TEd is an excellent instructional program that we are proud to have developed and make available.”

PHOTO CAPTION: The Pro-Mo-TEd program has been offered by Ferris State University's School of Education for more than a decade. This innovative modular instructional model helps Career/Technical Center teachers statewide meet Michigan Department of Education criteria, while they earn their Bachelor of Science in Technical Education from the university.