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FerrisNow Program Celebrates Record Fall 2018 High School Student Enrollment

Ferris State UniversityBeginning the journey toward college graduation has never been easier for students to start at an early age. Through its record-setting FerrisNow program, Ferris State University is providing high school students the opportunities to earn early college credits and be better prepared to start and finish a college degree.

Partnerships with 20 high schools, four early-college programs, three career centers and one community agency are among the reasons Ferris has enrolled a fall-term record 936 high school students, via FerrisNow. Beyond its many statewide partnerships, critical institutional collaboration with the Hispanic/Latino Cultural Center and the Charter Schools Office has contributed to the spirit of partnership that has helped grow the program.

“FerrisNow is an effective and successful approach for students to begin their college education while still in high school,” Ferris President David Eisler said. “I am delighted by the record enrollments in this program and appreciate very much the strong collaborative efforts by our high school partners.”

In addition to 936 enrolled students, this fall also features 3,213 credit hours attempted by FerrisNow students – the highest for high school students in any term.

“This is an exciting time for FerrisNow. The great success of this program is truly a collaborative effort that involves many partners all with a shared goal of student success,” said DeeDee Stakley, director of the Office of Transfer and Secondary Partnerships. “We’re proud of the work FerrisNow is doing to reach students at a young age, to give them an opportunity to earn college credits early and to start students on the path toward earning a college degree. We’re proud not only of the number of enrolled students but also of the number of credit hours attempted.”

FerrisNow’s offerings include articulated credit, which allows students opportunities to earn college credit for work completed in high school or through career and technical education programs; career and educational planning, providing students opportunities to explore college programs, careers and employment viability; college readiness, to prepare students for college-level coursework; concurrent enrollment, actual Ferris classes that mirror courses taught on any Ferris campus; dual enrollment, classes taught by adjunct or fulltime Ferris faculty at a Ferris location, online or in a high school setting; and Woodbridge Promise College Prep, a comprehensive program designed to prepare students for college-level work.

FerrisNow’s diverse range of program offerings has made it an attractive option for the university’s 28 secondary partners.

“We are fortunate to collaborate with high schools and career tech centers in Michigan to provide a variety of college credit opportunities to high school students,” said Leah Melichar, the FerrisNow outreach coordinator. “The FerrisNow program has and continues to expand access to higher education throughout Michigan, which allows students to get a head start on their college degree and get a taste of college before graduating from high school.”

Students that earn at least three college credits with a grade “C” or higher, through Ferris while in high school, may be eligible for the $1,000 Ferris Next Scholarship.

FerrisNow information about programs offered through Ferris’ Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships.

PHOTO CAPTION: Shown here is a scene from Ferris State University's main campus in Big Rapids. The FerrisNow program is preparing high school students to be better prepared to have a successful journey toward a college degree.