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Newly-Elected Student Government Association President Seeks Greater Campus Commitment

Ferris State UniversityThe first year of studies in Accounting and Finance are behind Bobby Gill, of Kent City, but the newly-elected president of Ferris State University's Student Government Association is looking, with interest, to the 2018-19 academic year, and the opportunities it can present.

“Our hope is that the SGA can grow and be a catalyst for greater student involvement across campus,” Gill said. “We hope to co-sponsor more events and encourage other registered student organizations to do the same.”

Gill came to Ferris after completing his secondary education at Algoma Christian School, in Kent City, where he was a student government vice president during his first three years there. He will be the first sophomore to lead Ferris’ student government.

“My sister, Harmin, was a senator for the College of Arts, Sciences and Education and I decided it was something that I wanted to explore,” Gill said. “I attended my first meeting, in late September, and not long after became a senator for the College of Business. I enjoy political activities and decided this was a good way to become involved.”

He is considering a minor in Economics, and has hopes for an expanded campus activity schedule and a heightened level of campus student involvement.

“I am confident I can balance my SGA responsibilities with my schoolwork,” Gill said. “Nothing that does you good ever comes easily, and I am ready and willing to manage my time so I can give each of them my maximum effort.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Bobby Gill, of Kent City, who recently completed his first year as an Accounting and Finance student at Ferris State University, will be the first sophomore to serve as president of the Student Government Association. Gill was a senator for the College of Business during his freshman year.