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Students Prepare for Campus Life, Staff Offers Assistance at Ferris Orientation Session

Ferris State University orientationNearly 200 incoming Ferris State University students were joined by family members and friends as they attended an orientation session on Monday, July 9.

Among the students attending the July 9 session was Andrew Holten, from Riverview, who will begin his studies in the College of Education and Human Services. Holten said he learned about Ferris through an online search related to his career interests.

“I believe that Ferris offers the best Criminal Justice program in the state. So I chose to come here,” Holten said. “I would hope to become a police officer after I graduate and, in time, I am considering some form of service with the federal government.”

Holten was advancing through the informational process, in the University Center with his friend and fellow incoming student, Shane Jackson, a graduate of Troy Athens High School.

“Our priority today is to get our classes arranged, and get ourselves secured in the Housing and Residence Life system,” Holten said. “I would also like to get some information about playing lacrosse, on Ferris’ club team, if that can be done while I am here.”

Holten and Jackson succeeded in finding a residence hall near Andrew’s Criminal Justice classes. They will reside in McNerney Hall when Fall 2018 classes begin.

Ferris State University orientationJeff Stewart, a 2011 graduate of Ferris’ Business Administration program, was among the first contacts for students attending the orientation session. He is the assistant director of recruitment with the Office of Admissions.

“By working the check-in desk, we can verify that a student is in the program that they desire, and if there is some problem with the information, we can get them an orientation check sheet, and print a name tag that corresponds with their appropriate college,” Stewart said. “It’s an important day, a very busy and a most exciting time as a student enters the orientation process on the morning of their session,” Stewart said.

Students are guided into the Fine Arts Gallery, of the University Center, to begin their orientation session, with staff from the Housing and Residence Life and Financial Aid offices also on hand, nearby, offering assistance.

“I know that the students I deal with are facing many ‘big next steps,’ and the check-in is important, since we set the stage for their involvement and successful interactions with the university,” Stewart said. “It is our job to work hard to put new students in contact with the right people if they need any specialized assistance.”

Around 2,000 new students will participate in the 13 orientation sessions, with six offerings completed in June, and three sessions each being presented during the weeks of July 9 and 16. A final orientation session will be held Thursday, Aug. 23, prior to the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester on Monday, Aug. 27.

PHOTO CAPTION (TOP): Assistant director of Recruitment for Ferris State University’s Office of Admissions Jeff Stewart (seated) assists incoming freshman Kalib Robinson during the orientation session held on Monday, July 9.

PHOTO CAPTION (BOTTOM): Incoming freshman student Andrew Holten (right), of Riverview, and his roommate, Shane Jackson, of Troy, completed their orientation session at Ferris State University Monday, July 9, including successful acquisition of a room they will share in McNerney Hall.