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Housing and Residence Life Staff Plan Super Mario Adventure-Themed Event April 12

Ferris State UniversityStudents of Ferris State University will have the opportunity to enjoy the buildings of north campus and a variety of activities on Thursday, April 12, as staff from Housing and Residence Life will host a Super Mario Adventure from 7 to 11 p.m.

Jordan Dawkins, an Accounting/Finance student from Saginaw, is on the Housing and Residence Life staff committee that is organizing the event.

“We will have our participants start in North Hall with a map that evening,” Dawkins said. “They will be asked to visit a number of facilities in that area to play a variety of mini-games which will all have a Super Mario theme. In each case, the games are being played to win coins, which will be brought back to North Hall where the teams can turn them in to bid on the prizes they would hope to win.”

Ben Letherer, a Plastics Engineering Technology major from Bay City, said while they wanted participants in this adventure to visit several destinations, their final plan focused on north-campus locations.

“There had been some talk about a medieval theme, but our discussion led to asking the students to follow a quest, which is based around Mario,” Letherer said. “We believe many who are with us that evening identify with those games and enjoy them. They will have plenty to see and do as they visit the Arts, Sciences and Education Commons, FLITE and the University Center to play our games.”

There will be support from Entertainment Unlimited and the Student Government Association hosting events as part of the continuing adventure across the north campus.

“We believe sufficient time and effort was put into Super Mario Adventure after recognizing that our Haunting at Merrill-Travis event in the fall semester required organizers to invest significant time in that event as the academic year began,” Dawkins said. “At this point in the spring semester, we can offer students a quality event, so they have a chance to gather and enjoy each other, along with experiencing some fun on campus.”

Casey O’Heran, a senior in Surveying Engineering Technology from Hillsdale, said they welcome students from within the residence hall programs and off-campus participants for this event.

“Each activity in this adventure will require different periods of time and involvement from our participants,” O’Heran said. “They will have to make good use of the details on their maps, and be sure to complete the quest before 11 p.m. so they can get back to North Hall and make their entries in our prize raffles.”

Other sponsoring organizations for the April 12 Super Mario Adventure include the Residence Hall Association, Office of Student Conduct, Housing and Residence Life, and Student Alumni Gold Club.

PHOTO CAPTION: (From left) Casey O'Heran of Hillsdale, Jordan Dawkins from Saginaw and Ben Letherer of Bay City are the Residence Hall Association staffers who make up the organizing committee for the campus event "Super Mario Adventure," which will take place Thursday evening, April 12. Students who participate will embark from North Hall for a variety of mini-games in the north campus area, before returning to take make their entries in a number of prize raffles.