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Margaret Miller

Margaret Miller
Margaret Miller, a senior in Ferris State University’s Statewide program studying Business Administration, with a minor in Marketing, had a Summer internship with General Motors, at their headquarters in Detroit.

Her Internship: Margaret was a Marketing intern at General Motors headquarters, in Detroit. “I have been given a lot of responsibility and flexibility within the dealer development program. Through my internship, I have learned that dealers drive the industry, so for every task I am given, I take it on with urgency and professionalism.”

Securing her Internship: “I was able to leverage casual conversation within my community to enter the automotive industry. I was then very graciously offered an opportunity to work for the number one automotive company in the world. General Motors, for me, has turned out to be an excellent fit.”
Other Activities: “Since I am a statewide student, all my activities are not based through Ferris. I do play ice hockey in metro Detroit; I am a goalie. I spend a lot of time with family and friends. I also belong to the Detroit Economic Club, as a young leader member.”

Advice for Other Ferris Students Regarding Internships: “Take risks. If you don’t think you have a chance, take the risk anyway. On a number of occasions, I was sitting at a round table with the other marketing interns, who are all from Ivy League schools. You wouldn’t know it if they didn’t make us tell others where we went to school. Just because Ferris isn’t an Ivy League school, it does not mean that we can’t get the job and succeed.”

Ferris Core Values Margaret Relates to: “I work closely with our Diversity Dealer Relations team, whose goal is to get more minorities and females into owning dealerships. Diversity, in our world today, is essential. General Motors is a company that not only embraces diversity, but strives toward it. Excellence is another core value that Ferris and GM share. GM has a program that encourages employees to identify an issue within the company and address it. They call it their “Operation Excellence” program, which is defined as GM’s strategy to drive excellence into everything that is done, to continuously improve customer value and business performance.”