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Summer Internships: Conor Bradley

Ferris State University students gain valuable work experience through internships. Internships also can confirm or redirect career decision-making, provide marketability, develop people skills and enhance classroom learning. Many academic programs require one, but the experience is encouraged regardless to provide students with a better understanding of what will be expected of them in the workplace.

Many students are participating in myriad internships this summer. Meet:

Ferris State UniversityConor Bradley

He is: A senior from Newaygo, Michigan, studying Construction Technology Management.

What he’s doing: Conor has been participating in an internship with Granger Construction, based in Grand Rapids, serving on their team that is supervising the renovation and expansion of the Swan Technical Arts Building Annex. “I submit the appropriate paperwork regarding the project to the company, and assist with the organization of the contractors, who are doing the work. 75 percent of the time, I am working in the company trailer, the other 25 percent has me in the annex, communicating with contractors. There are many details involved in the collaborative effort to keep these companies organized, to advance this project.”

How Ferris was involved in securing his internship: “I attended a career fair this past spring, and made Granger’s recruiters aware of the experience I had gained in my internship last year, when I worked for Tropic Pools, a contractor for Fox Pools. That construction is coordinated by the Kent Companies, and Granger was impressed enough by my background to put me to work at the Swan Building before the Spring semester ended.”

Advice to other students seeking internships: “For Construction Management students, it is important to get their labor internship completed, as it broadens their horizons. Any Ferris student should make sure they participate in career fairs, so they get experience in demonstrating their skills and networking with professionals.”

Conor’s Career Plans: “I would love to start my career with Granger Construction. I am interested in learning more about contracting, with hopes to explore residential construction. That may include managing a group that produces the framing for homes.”

Other Experiences at Ferris: Conor has played on the club soccer team, and participates in intramurals.