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Bray Named 2015-16 American Marketing Association President

American Marketing AssociationAlex Bray, a Ferris State University sophomore majoring in Marketing, will serve as the 2015-16 president of American Marketing Association, a five-star campus organization.

Bray has never been too far from Ferris having lived in Cedar Springs, Mich. His decision to come to Ferris was sparked by his interest in criminal justice and law enforcement.

“A few months before I started classes I began to think about how I wanted my future to look,” Bray said. “From that view, I realized that criminal justice was not the path that fit my life.”

At Ferris, Bray decided to change his major to Marketing. He immediately jumped into the AMA. When it became time to nominate for the upcoming year’s executive board, he had no intention of running for president.

“I always thought that you had to have previous executive board experience in order to be president,” Bray said. “Then, I realized that wasn’t true and I was nominated to become AMA’s next president.”

AMA consists of more than 90 general members that participate in various professional development, fundraising and community services events throughout campus. Some signature events include: their Blazin’ Wings Challenge, Adopt a Highway, and participation in the Reeths Puffer Middle School visit.

“A major goal for our chapter over the last few years was to become a platinum chapter – one of the most elite in the nation,” he said. “This year, everything we do will be a result of us becoming the best chapter that we can be.”

Bray is excited to start his presidency this upcoming year, and just as excited to work with AMA’s new executive board. The board includes:

  • Executive Vice President: Amir Jairazbhoy, Marketing, Farmington Hills, Mich.
  • VP of Professional Development: Josh VanGorden, Advertising, Kentwood, Mich.
  • VP of Community Service: Samantha Zamarron, Music Industry Management and Public Relations, Dearborn Heights, Mich.
  • VP of Fundraising: Brandon Stabley, Marketing, Chesterfield, Mich.
  • VP of Finance: Steven Sims, Marketing, Shelby Township, Mich.
  • VP of Membership: Brittney Bantien, Advertising, Williamsburg, Mich.
  • VP of Communications: Jeannesa Keller, Digital Marketing, Big Rapids, Mich.
  • VP of Social Affairs: Chelsea Crandall, Human Resources Management, Southgate, Mich.