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Kamptner IRA to Help Fund Scholarship Endowments for Ferris Students

Elaine KamptnerRecognizing the challenges that so many students face in pursuit of a college degree, Elaine and Otto Kamptner both wanted to do their part to help students turn their dreams of higher education into actual college degrees. Elaine Kamptner, like her late husband, is committed to strengthening access to a Ferris education for years to come.

As part of that continuing commitment, the Otto Kamptner Memorial Scholarship Endowment and the Elaine R. Kamptner Opportunity Scholarship Endowments have been named by Elaine as the beneficiaries of an IRA.

“Education has always been very important for both Otto and me,” said Elaine, executive assistant to Ferris President David Eisler, and chair of the university’s Pride Committee. “I thought it would be nice if we could do something to help different groups of students have opportunities to pursue a quality education. This is part of my way of giving back and showing thanks for the many opportunities I’ve received at Ferris.”

Upon distribution, assets will be equally divided equally between the two endowments. The Elaine R. Kamptner Opportunity Scholarship Endowment will be awarded to a part-time College of Business student who did not immediately continue their education after high school graduation. The Otto Kamptner Memorial Scholarship will be annually awarded to a full-time undergraduate student chosen by Ferris’ Department of Criminal Justice Scholarship Committee in conjunction with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Otto Kamptner, a Ferris alumnus, passed away on Jan. 2, 2014 at age 84.

“This is such a wonderful gesture by Elaine, and on behalf of her late husband, Otto, to recognize the important role that scholarships can play in making dreams of higher education come true for our students,” said Carla Miller, associate vice president for special and leadership gifts and executive director of The Ferris Foundation. “This funding is indicative of a high level of commitment and passion that Elaine and Otto have shared for Ferris, the students of Ferris and the value of a Ferris education.”

The Kamptner family has a long tradition at Ferris. In addition to Elaine and Otto, their son, Joshua, and several other family members are alumni. The Kamptners have given generously to Ferris over the years and are members of the Old Main and Abigail Smith Timme donor societies.

“I benefited so much from going to college as an adult along with having employment opportunities at Ferris,” said Elaine, who has worked at the university since 1985. “Ferris has done so very much for me, as I know what it has done for others.  This kind of estate planning is one way to pay those opportunities forward to future generations.”

For more information about the Kamptner scholarships, make a contribution or learn more about how you can benefit Ferris students through estate planning, contact The Ferris Foundation at (231) 591-2365 or by email.


Otto Kamptner Memorial Scholarship to Benefit Ferris Criminal Justice Students