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Ferris First (#Ferr1s): Betsy Garbe

Ferris State University faculty, staff and students come from all over the world with one thing in common – Ferris as ultimately their No. 1 choice. In the Ferris First series, we chat with members of the University community to learn more from them about why Ferris was their No. 1 choice.

They all have a story. Here, we tell part of that story. Meet

Betsy GarbeBetsy Garbe

She is: A senior from Allegan, Mich. studying Public Relations.

Why was Ferris your number one choice? Betsy originally chose Ferris because her husband, Tom, found the Television and Digital Media Production program and she wanted to come with him. "Once I found the Public Relations program here and learned that it was the only nationally certified program in Michigan and one of the only Public Relations programs in the nation offered as a business curriculum I knew that Ferris was the right choice for me," Betsy said.

What do you like most about Ferris? Betsy loves the hands on learning that Ferris incorporates into their programs. “They really stress gaining real world experience, as well as getting involved with extra-curricular activities on campus to make you a well-rounded professional when you enter the work force after graduation,” Betsy said.

What do you enjoy about your academic major? Betsy’s favorite thing about the Public Relations program at Ferris is the family-like atmosphere. “We are all really close and help each other out whenever we can, which I think has helped us become such a successful program,” Betsy said.

Betsy says that she is still really close to many alumni of the program and her core group of friends include many of her PR peers.

“We work hard as a group to not only make sure we as individuals will be successful after graduation, but that the program as a whole will continue to be known as one of the top public relations programs in the nation,” Betsy said.

What student organizations are or have you been involved with? Betsy was involved in the Public Relations Student Society of America for two years. Her first year she was a member of the Internal Relations team within PRSSA and was awarded the Vice President of Internal Relations position her second year.

“I got involved because I knew that was the best way to get to know different people on campus and within my program," she said. "I had no idea when I joined that those people would become my family and support system throughout my time at Ferris.”

Betsy says that many of the opportunities that she has had here at Ferris can be attributed to PRSSA and the people that she has networked with through the organization.

How is Ferris Preparing you for your future? Betsy feels that the public relations classes begin training students the first day they enter the classroom.

“When I started at Ferris I was a very shy and reserved person,” Betsy said. “Since taking my courses at Ferris I have taken on leadership positions, become the co-host for Ferris Out Loud and have gotten very comfortable with public speaking, among many other things. I do not believe I would have been as successful in my field without the training Ferris has provided through its courses.”

Why should Ferris be a top choice for others? “Ferris should be a top choice because of the experiences you get when attending,” Betsy said. “You get smaller class sizes, hands on experiences, and faculty and staff that truly care about you as a person. The friendships you make here will last a life time and with the amazing opportunities you have available during your time at Ferris it is one of the best investments you can make in your future.”