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BLOG: Why the Ferris Student Twitter Account is So Cool

Ferris State UniversityAre you following the Ferris Students Twitter account?

Well, if your answer is no, let me tell you why that needs to change. Not only can you keep up with some of the awesome things happening on Ferris’ campus, but you can stay connected with the people and experiences that are going on, too!

@FerrisStudents is a Twitter account that is run by different students each week during the school year, and by a team of students during the summer. By having several different users and people posting on behalf of the account, followers can get a variety of lifestyles, preferences and different views – all from student perspectives. Why wouldn’t you want to get all that information?

@FerrisStudents is a great place for students to go to see some of the scenes on campus that they wouldn’t normally see. By taking a cool picture from a different angle and posting it to the account, students can see a different take on the campus that they would overlook on a regular basis. Not only can students stay in the loop of what’s going on, but they can find ways to connect with other students on campus and at events, or even get involved with new organizations.

There are many reasons why one should be following the Ferris Students twitter account, but they’re all reasons that I can’t express to you over a blog.

You should simply go to Twitter, and follow the page yourself, and then you can begin to find out the magical awesomeness that is, the @FerrisStudents Twitter.

Jordan House is a News Services and Social Media student writer in University Advancement and Marketing.