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TDMP's `Ferris Out Loud' TV Program Begins its Fourth Season

Ferris Out LoudFerris State University Television and Digital Media Production students released this season’s first episode for the new season of “Ferris Out Loud.”

Similar to the hit TV talk show “The View,” “Ferris Out Loud” presents insight to the student experience at Ferris while shedding light on current events, trends and music. Some of the topics discussed during the season’s first episode included highly-publicized abuse cases in the National Football League, homecoming and the hosts’ favorite fall television shows.

TDMP students enrolled in the Studio Production class produce “Ferris Out Loud.” The course gives students the opportunity to gain real-world experience with filming, editing and more. Jenna Sztucko, a TDMP senior from St. Louis, Mich., served as the season’s first student producer for “Ferris Out Loud.” Sztucko said that her favorite part about working on “Ferris Out Loud” is getting to experience all of the studio roles.

“I like to try out as many of the studio positions as possible so I can become skilled in a little bit of everything,” Sztucko said. “It is important that we are gaining this experience because it allows us to find out what we are good at and what we need to work on, before a job depends on it.”

The show gives Public Relations students some opportunities to gain real-world experience in front of the camera. Consistent with the Ferris core value of collaboration, PR students serve as guest hosts. Shelby Austin, a senior in Public Relations from Coopersville, Mich., said that she is excited to serve as a guest host this season.

“We spend a lot of time developing our writing and presentation skills, but we never really had the chance to be on camera before,” Austin said. “I’m looking forward to this brand-new experience, especially because it is one of my weaker skills. This opportunity will allow me to develop my skills and explore an entirely new area of PR.”